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Bastian Schweinsteiger scores against Leicester City
Bastian Schweinsteiger scores against Leicester City in the 1-1 draw earlier in the season

Its eighteen years since Leicester City last won at Old Trafford, a 1-0 defeat that dented Manchester United’s title hopes. At the end of the 1997/98 season, United lost out on the title to Arsenal by a point, whilst Leicester City finished a respectable tenth in the Premier League. Today, is very different – with the visitors on the brink of the Premier League title, whilst Manchester United are desperately fighting to finish in the top four – which is looking increasingly unlikely as we enter the final few games of the season.

So what do Leicester City fans think of their remarkable season? How do they view the progress of United under Louis van Gaal? Read on to find out.

We are joined by Chris, who blogs over at Leicester Till I Die, who kindly answered a few questions for us ahead of the game this afternoon. We spoke about whether or not Leicester City will win the league today, how the club would have fared under former manager Nigel Pearson and whether Louis van Gaal will be in charge next season or not.

1) So, will Leicester City win the league title on Sunday?
To be fair, yes I think we will. It could depend on which Manchester United team turns up on Sunday of course but we are so close we can taste it and I think that will be just enough for us to take the three points. I was impressed with man Utd first half performance v Everton in the Cup, but then again I cant see Leicester being as bad as Everton were for those 45 minutes.

2) What do you put your success down to this season?
Unlike last season when Pearson chopped and changed the team every week, Ranieri has done what Pearson finally did when we engineered the Great Escape. Stick with your best 11. We have made less changes to our starting 11 than any other team this season. oh yes and add to that outstanding performances by many players including Kante, Mahrez, Drinkwater & Vardy. Also a lot of the so called big teams, including yourselves have failed to turn up this season on a regular basis.

3) How would you have done if Nigel Pearson had remained in charge?
The £5m dollar question I have asked myself many times. This team is basically Pearson’s so I think we would have done ok. But without Ranieri’s experience I think we would have finished, and lest be honest happy with, mid table.

4) Can you rate the top five Premier League strikers? If you were Roy Hodgson – who would you bring to Euro 2016 (forwards)?
Vardy, of course, with Kane, Mahrez Aguero, Lukaku in that order. I know Mahrez isn’t a striker but he scores like he is lol.
I would defo take Vardy & Kane and Rooney for his experience but maybe for a deeper role. Its too soon for Rashford and I know Utd fans are screaming for him to go but on the back of a few games?? That’s aid next season he will be awesome.

5) Claudio Ranieri has always been known as “the tinkerman”, but has fielded a consistent xi throughout the campaign. How do you rate him as a manager in terms of his style and tactical nous?
The Godfather you mean. I cant rate him highly enough. I was one of the few bloggers who originally thought it was a good appointment. Next season will be the real test though.

6) What have you made of Manchester United this season?
Failed to flatter again.. Just when you appeared to turn things around you shoot yourselves in the foot. You have been consistently inconsistent. I think it may be a few years yet until you can even think of returning to past glories as other teams capitalise on new found spending power.

7) Will Louis van Gaal be in charge next season? If not – who do you think will be his successor?
Like most opposition fans I sincerely hope so. He is [probably your enemy from within, like I said before when there seems be light at the end of the tunnel this season for Utd, van Gaal seems to be very adept at shutting the door himself and blocking out the light. So please keep him. That said, most Man United fans I know want him out and I can understand how they feel. Mourinho looks nailed on doesn’t he?

8) Which Manchester United players on current form would get into the Leicester City side?
None to be fair. We are top having lost just 3 games all season, why would we want any player from another team whoever that team is in the EPL? Next season when we need a bigger ‘squad’ for the Champions League I’d take Rashford, Deepay & Martial and also Carrick for his experience.

9) What is your all time Leicester City Xi?
We have had some greats in our time. Banks and Lineker spring to mind along with personal favourites Worthington & Weller but I couldn’t look past our current starting 11, but you expected that answer didn’t you?

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