Standing Sections – A ‘Terrace’ View

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AUTHOR: – Bricki

We have again heard this week the argument about whether we can implement ‘standing’ sections into grounds instead of having all seater stadiums.

Both Manchester clubs have already come out against the idea and plan to keep both Old Trafford and Eastlands all seater.

However do we already in essence have ‘standing’ sections in Old Trafford?

I have a season ticket in the second tier of the Stretford End and i honestly cannot recall the last time i was sat during a game. It would be fair to say that the central area of the tier, front to back stands all game, every game. It used to be that stewards would tell fans to sit down and this would last until the next moment of ‘excitement’ which fans would use in order to stand again. This seems to have stopped all together this season and i wonder if the implementation of a standing area could be a way forward if you are having to deal with this every game.

What happens when a goal is scored or your team is on the attack? I’d wager that the stand you are in starts to rise and you end up with the vast majority of the crowd already on their feet. The only time i have sat down this season has been prematch and half time (well i am starting to get on a bit now).

I don’t know if this is the norm in other grounds around the country but i would imagine most grounds have an area like this where fans are spending large parts of the game standing.

If this is the case and it is already occuring then would it be such a difficult task to tailor these areas in certain ways to allow the stewards/police to manage the fans there?

The terrible events like Hillsborough shocked the football world and should never be forgotten. The deaths of those fans have lead to better, safer grounds and also the chance for more women and children to attend games. Overcrowding, poor access and poor policing were issues that led to events like Hillsborough taking place.

With strict policing and management of numbers in the standing area is the time now right though to look at the standing issue again?

Unless we are going to see fans remain seated during games and stewards in all grounds not allowing persistant standing, would it not be wiser to provide the safest possible area for standing?

From a personal view i am happy to either sit or stand during games, i find more ‘banter’ between my fellow reds when we are stood but i appreciate having my own personal space as well.

If we have learnt the lessons from the disasters of years gone by though is it wise to just dismiss the notion of standing, or is it better to acknowledge that fans are standing already?

I don’t think we have a ‘correct’ answer on this subject but the question needs asking and the debate needs having…

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4 Comments on Standing Sections – A ‘Terrace’ View

  1. I agree that Stretford End Tier 2, originally designed to be a type of singing section, can now be labelled a type of unofficial standing section. However, this only benefits the people lucky enough to be located in this section. There are people scattered all over the ground who wish to stand and sing, yet cannot because of restrictions put in place by security. Even in the Stretford End Tier 1 this is a problem, apart from in the major fixtures.

    The old system of ‘pay on the gate’ gave everyone a chance to sing, stand and participate in creating a famous atmosphere. As someone who sits in Tier 2, what would your views be if the stand was opened up to a ‘pay on the gate’ policy? Whereby everyone is allowed to stand, but to get in the stand it is first come, first serve, rather than allocating season tickets.

  2. id love to see utd develop the south and south east and west quadrants, then have stretty tier 1 and 2 terraced…the capacity of the stadium would be mammoth.

    the architect who did old trafford leitch wossisname came up with the ratio, for every 2 standing you’d get 1 seated.

    And yes pay on the gate would be excellent, you’d turn up early dorrs get into the swing of things be reat…one problem – BEER !!!

  3. Am I right in saying that in Germany a good chunk of the top clubs have standing areas that they keep an eye on but are otherwise fine?

    That said, everything I read suggests that all things considered and balanced against each other (from value for money through atmosphere to football quality) the Bundesliga is about the best football day out you can have in Europe.

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