Could Beckham return to United?


In the immediate aftermath of the Wayne Rooney fallout in October, I suggested the possibility of bringing back David Beckham in January for a variety of reasons. I’m the first to admit that the answers to some of the problems I suggested seem to have resolved themselves, so it was a great shock to see comments by the United legend today that intimated he wants to return to the club.


Oliver Kay of the Times said on his Twitter account that regarding a move back to Old Trafford, Beckham said “I am not holding my breath on that one, but we’ll have to wait and see”. 

Becks has had two largely successful spells at AC Milan but is unable to return to the San Siro due to roster issues. Real Madrid are unlikely to want to bring him back, which realistically leaves a move to Germany or England in keeping with his ambition to get “in with a chance of getting called up for England”.

There is no public suggestion that United would move for him; but with Beckham himself re-iterating any return to the Premier League would only be for the Red Devils, it’s as public a “come and get me” plea as he could have wished to have sent.

Do you think he could still do a job for the club? Discussing on Twitter, I feel the consensus is that he could – his set piece delivery is still above what we currently have, while with Valencia injured and Park due to leave on international duty, United could used a disciplined right sided player.

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  1. I’d love to see him back. I think his cameo appearances could add something and certainly would take some of the workload off Nani.

    His delivery is fantastic and that would no doubt help Rooney.

    Whilst the press coverage that surrounds Beckham might be unwanted it would be a welcome distraction in helping to take some of the focus off Rooney.

  2. becks has never been known for his pace but his crossing abilities have not eluded him, would be a valuable asset IMHO

  3. I should add, a loan like Beckham’s would enable someone like Tom Cleverley to stay out on loan at Wigan and play first team football every week – if we recalled him, he’d be a bit-part player to begin with

  4. Becks coming back would be fantastic. There is so much that he can bring to United. Firstly, he is still a good footballer and could very well have a role in this seasons campaign.

    Secondly, it will be a MASSIVE confidence boost for the team. Especially the younger lads. He brings a wealth of experience at top level, I really hope something can come of it all

  5. Despite my well-documented love of Beckham, normally I’d be against this. However, Park will be leaving us with a huge gap to fill during January. Rather than recall Cleverley, a Beckham loan may be ideal. Cleverley would benefit more from first team action at Wigan than fringe appearances here. We already miss the crossing of Valencia and out set pieces need help.

  6. Yes, he could do a job in certain situations.

    Football is, at it’s very lowest level, about who is best at kicking a football to the place where he wants it to go.

    David Beckham is still very good at that. And with Rafael behind him and overlapping he wouldn’t need to do so much legwork.

  7. The question is would Sir Alex want him back and has he mellowed sufficiently to take him???
    I would love to see him return and in his defence he has never said anything bad about the club or the boss.
    Were it not for his injury he would have gone to the world cup, so of course he can do a job for us…& the big bonus is that he is not cup-tied for Europe or the FA Cup.

  8. Remember the Milan game last season when OT went mental for Becks? He still is a big name, big game player, and like someone already correctly pointed out, would be a fantastic aquisition to fill the void of Valencia (who’s absence I feel is affecting Rooney more than some fans are prepared to admit) and Park who is off on international duty. Becks knows the United drill, wouldn’t need schooling in our style of play, and with Rafael behind him to provide a burst of pace, he can knock balls in all day for Roo and Berba.
    Alan Hansen’s face as the team sheet reads ‘Giggs, Neville, Scholes, Beckham’… its the stuff of dreams!

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