Tom Cleverley sent on season-long loan to Wigan

First Sir Alex planned to send Tom Cleverley on loan to a Premier League team, but then backtracked saying that Cleverley could be valuable to the squad as a goalscoring midfielder. However, Fergie backtracked once more on deadline day, and Cleverley will now ply his trade at the DW Stadium for the remainder of the 2010/11 season.

Personally, I’m quite upset by this move. I agree that he will get far more Premier League experience at Wigan than at United, but at Old Trafford he still could’ve contributed and would’ve been under the guidance for Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. There is no one at Wigan that help him the way our two midfield legends can. He looked fantastic in preseason and he hadn’t even been given a chance yet this season to prove himself; though, with Scholes and Fletcher in the form they’re in, it would be hard for anyone to break into this side.

I also worry that, like many United youngsters before him, he’ll go out on loan and may never come back. I haven’t been this excited about one of our youngsters in years. I’m afraid he could end up like Guiseppe Rossi or Kieran Richardson; a reserve player who went out on loan and never had a chance at a career at Old Trafford. Hopefully, Cleverley will get his chance.

While this will be a good move for Cleverley as he gains valuable playing experience, I think Wigan may be the party that benefits most. Honestly, Wigan have looked poor early this season. A talent like Cleverley may be the difference between them and relegation this season.

In the end, I think Cleverley will benefit from the experience, but I was so excited to see him contributing at Old Trafford this season. I think he still has a very bright future with United ahead of him, I’m just disappointed he couldn’t start his United career this season.

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