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Today is an extra special day for Stretty Stories – it’s the final day of the transfer window! After today, the rumors and speculation can lay low until January comes around. It seems as though they’ve started early as the only story is about whether Owen Hargreaves will make Sir Alex’s 25-man squad for the Premier League.

The news may be slow now, but I wouldn’t be shocked if something develops later today. Keep checking the site and our Twitter accounts for any breaking news! And now for the obvious deadline day poll…

Reserves and Academy Player Profiles

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Stretford-End.com’s newest feature – Reserves and Academy players profiles. Doron will regularly be posting a profile of one of United’s youngsters, and his first subject is our Reserves captain – Magnus Eikrem. I like to think that our future is already at Old Trafford, and players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are living proof. Make the cut as a youngster and you’ll get a chance in the first team. It’s always more exciting to see a player rise through the ranks than to sign a big name; at least it is for me. Make sure to check this out and be on the lookout for more profiles in the coming weeks!

Ferguson in dilemma over Hargreaves – The Daily Telegraph

The day when Owen Hargreaves learns his fate will quickly be upon us. When the transfer window shuts, Sir Alex will have to declare which 25 players he has included in his squad for the Premier League. There has been a lot of doubt surrounding whether or not Hargreaves would be included in the 25, but honestly I don’t see why it’s an issue at all. As far as I can tell United has plenty of room to include Hargreaves; including Hargreaves there is only 24 players that need to be registered. The only way this should become a dilemma is if United make any moves in the transfer market tomorrow. So assuming David Gill was completely honest when he said they were done buying this summer, I don’t see why selecting Hargreaves is an issue at all. Seems pretty simple to me. Select him and if he gets fit, he can play in the squad. If not, no big deal; there was no one else in the team who would’ve used the spot anyways.

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  1. I think the Hargreaves thing only becomes a problem if we make a signing. As it stands we lose nothing at all from putting him in the 25. Even if we sign Rodwell (which we wont) we still have space because he’s under age and English.

    Signing a over 21 foreigner would cause Hargy grief…………We’ll soon see

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