Ronaldo’s playacting too much???

Everyone’s favourite foreigner, Cristiano Ronaldo, was again at the center of controversy yesterday having won a penalty that clearly wasn’t a penalty. However, you will not find me laying a single shed of blame on him for a decision that was clearly made by Mr Calamity himself, Robert Styles. No no, Ronaldo lost the ball after a fine tackle by Samuel and was inevitably grounded as you are in football. I was in the Stretford End and honestly thought that Ronaldo was going to get book for simulation, how wrong I was -along with 75,000 others.

The problem that I had with Ronaldo yesterday was his constant diving and slamming the floor when he didn’t get his way. We see it now and again from him, most noticeably against Wigan in the final game of the last season – where it looked like he was complaining about someone tackling him. Now, I have a number of views on what constitutes to diving (generally, people – in this country – believe if you’re young and foreign and you go to ground easy – you’re a diver and a cheat but when you’re older and British it’s ‘using your experience’) and I am a firm believer it needs to removed from the game – regardless of the fact if you think that you’re not getting enough protection. Dribblers are a rare breed in today’s game and there is no greater sight at Old Trafford that Ronaldo tearing down the wing beating man after man, but there comes a time when he has to realise that he can’t get his own way all the time.

Time after time he slammed the ground in frustration that a freekick wasn’t given and time after time Bolton broke on the counter. Now, with respect to Bolton, they’re not world beaters known for their fast moving attack minded football – which is why they didn’t capitalise on a number players being out of position when Ronaldo lost the ball. You could argue that Muamba should have scored late in the first half – which was a direct result of Ronaldo going to ground having lost the ball.

The lad has so many gifts, that we all know about, but his playacting was a burden yesterday and if we lose the ball high up the pitch against top opposition that can commit a number of men forward in a counter attack, we’ll be in trouble. So not only does this constitute to cheating, it also means that we could concede – if Ronaldo get annoyed. Do you think Ronaldo should cut this out of is it part and parcel of modern football? Do you think teams can pinpoint this as a weakness or do you think that i’m being unfair and Ronaldo was actually fouled yesterday?

‘Seriously Ref….he got the ball’

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  1. It happened right in front of me (East Stand Lower – 3 rows from front) and it was, to me, a clean tackle by Samuel. With his momentum, hareing into the box, Ronnie naturally fell over, as you do when something stops the ball from moving.
    Great tackle, definitely not a dive but a dodgy decision – we don’t normally get pennos that are even 50:50.
    A little while later, Park was brought down in the box and was certainly deserving of a penalty but maybe Styles had realised his mistake by then and was compensating.

  2. I’m really dissapointed at this piece of garbage… Ronaldo has shaped up, but the first weeks will not be as usual for Ronaldo… He can’t afford to get the hardest tackles just yet.
    I’m a norwegian who despises the play-acting done in Italy and Spain, but the attitude here is to get hurt and it really pisses me off, when the writer of this garbage suggests that a player coming back from injury should take anything that comes… The result is a new Saha…

    I’m shaking my head in anger at a stupid article like this… stop writing, cuz Ronaldo will stop diving!

  3. Torgier – what are you on? Not once have I criticised him for his part in the penalty decision . I am literally speechless by the amount of shite you’ve posted. If you were actually at the game you would have seen that he wasn’t concerned about his injury – he literally lost the ball and tried to win a freekick because of it.

    People like you are an embarrassment to the game. The fact that you defend Ronaldo for anything is laughable. Why don’t you actually think about what you write before coming out with complete nonsense. If he’s not fit to play – then don’t play.

    Actually – you actually think if a player is coming back from injury its ok for him to dive? Laughable.

    Guess I shoudn’t show you how much stick Ronaldo got in here then:

  4. It wasn’t a penalty, but neither was Ronaldo playacting. Generally speaking, I do think Ronaldo is playacting too much. Last week e.g he fell over dramatically without Lampard touching him. This is one reason why Ronaldo is not my favourite player even though he is without doubt our best player.

  5. Yeah, definitely never a penalty, definitely not play acting.

    Kevin Nolan said that Ronaldo told Styles he didn’t want a penalty, and that several United players were saying it wasn’t one. Not really surprised that didn’t get reported but a little weird considering when Fowler did it he became a national treasure.

    I’m not sure regarding whether he’s play acting “too much” though. I didn’t see much change in his usual performance on Saturday but maybe I’ve just gotten accustomed to it? I’m more frustrated than anyone when he goes over quickly.

    I can only assume that Torgeir has lost something in translation because his comment seems quite OTT.

    But, by the way, this “the first few weeks will be tough” stuff is nonsense. United tend to only play a player when his physical condition is 100% capable of playing. If there were any concerns about how he would hold up to a tackle or physical attention he wouldn’t be on the pitch, especially given it’s Ronaldo. Too many people confuse physical condition with match fitness, or match fitness with mental confidence.

    For example, I’ve noticed Ronaldo is hitting the ball slightly differently, that tends to happen after an ankle or foot injury (Rooney, too, tends to take a first and a second touch instead of instantly blasting it these days). My brother’s broken his ankle twice and he is so careful with how he hits the ball, I think it’s physical nature, there will always be that little bit being held back from Ronaldo until he feels totally confident.

  6. I am puzzled how anyone thinks Ronaldo didn’t dive for the pen.

    I’ve seen a close up replay countless times from all different angles and if someone can show me contact with Ronaldo when he went down I’ll give them a 100 pound.

    Ronaldo cheated and I’m a United fan.

    I’ll repeat show me any contact.

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