Cantona interview: What would you ask him?

FourFourTwo magazine are interviewing Le King himself in one of their forthcoming issues and are asking United fans what would they ask the man who helped Manchester United to first Championship title in 26 years? So, it’s been 11 years since his last game against West Ham United at Old Trafford, which was the final game of the 1996/97 season, a 2-0 victory that resulted in United winning another back to back title. Much has been made about his final season not being the finest, which resulted in his departure from United at the relatively young age of 30 (or 31 I can’t remember the actual day but I know his birthday is the 24th May). I was devastated at the time as the man was my idol and hero and everything he did on the football pitch inspired me. Looking back on it now, I believe it was the right thing for Eric to do, not simply because his performances were faltering but because that was the way the man is. I’ve never seen a player have that much influence on fans that Eric had. Sure he wasn’t the quickest but he had superb vision, was strong and his flair and creativity was sensational. He also had the knack of helping everyone else raise their game; a quality not many people have.

One question I would ask him would be ‘did the Barcelona trip over the winter of 96 have an influence on your decision to retire?’. Fergie mentions this in his book that ‘Eric was never the same after Barcelona’. I’m sure he’ll get the old favourite ‘What was your best goal?’ and ‘Who was the best player you played with?’, but what questions would you ask him if you did have the opportunity for a one on one interview with our former captain? Would you speak about the Crystal Palace incident? Would you ask him about the rumours surrounding his Leeds exit (like he’d admit to that!)? Or would you simply focus on that memorable 95/96 season when he went on a one man crusade in the second half of the season to overhaul the twelve point lead Newcastle United had established?

Eric Cantona will always remain in Manchester United fans hearts and thoughts. His goals against Wimbledon in the FA Cup, Sunderland in the Premier League and Liverpool in the FA Cup final will live long in the memory. He has recently vented his frustration at the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo (probably overlooking the fact that he sued the club for exploiting his name and for taking a fee out of the Munich memorial fund) and suggested that he could be a worthy successor to Sir Alex Ferguson. Eric Cantona, a superb footballer that did a lot for football in England and most importantly for Manchester United.

What questions would you ask him? I will compile a list of the best questions and submit it to FourFourTwo on behalf of

‘Look at me!  Look at me!’

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  1. I’d like to ask Eric where he got the cardigan he was wearing outside his house the morning after the Crystal Palace incident. Great player but there really is no excuse for a garment like that!!

  2. I’d ask him to sum up the winker (ronaldo) in three words. Then we should put a toll meter to count the amount of words he actually says (as he is bound to burst into an exceeding story/essay, making 3 words into 3 paragraphs (possibly invovling a relation with seagulls) ) *

    *no disrespect – king eric is a legend, but he is barming mad (but that why we like him)

    ALSO… response to ‘mclairs’ question, ‘who is better platini or zidane’, King eric has already been asked that question, and he replied with “ME” , (meaning he condsiders himself better).

  3. Ask him as a joke ‘what you hiding in your beard?’…..If he gets angry, then tell him ‘ronaldo’ told you to say it 😉

    SERIOUS QUESTION…..Ask him, if he could rewind the clocks, ‘would he still have done his kung fu kick into the crowd?’

  4. I’d ask him why he keeps trying to mouth his way back into Old Trafford, seeing he has been out of football too long, has no coaching course completions or experience as far as I know. In this case, I’d also ask him why he thinks he’s more suited to the United coach or Manager’s job, than say Mark Hughes, Roy Keene, or Brucie etc. Seeing they do have continuity in the game, and have done respective courses and have PL experience.

    Love you Legend Eric, and will never forget you and your contribution to United, absolutely magic player. Yet great players don’t necessarily make great managers or coaches. Especially when they have been away from the game so long – this is not the movies Eric LOL!.

  5. A question for Eric. Okay.. did he ask for the number 7 shirt, was it just given to him, was he aware of the iconic nature of the shirt when he wore it, and aside from Ronaldo, who inside or outside of Old Trafford (excluding himself) does he believe could wear it with justification?

    Ok, many questions, but all tied into one!

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