Berbatov 25 million are you havin a laugh?

He is getting on for 27, say 4 years left at the very top and not much of a sell on fee if we let him go then.

Spurs bought him for £10.6

Bayer Leverkusen 152 games 68 goals

Spurs 52 games 20 goals (including the 4 against Reading) And only 4 premiership goals last season.

His attitude is questionable as is his consistency and his teamwork, he has wonderful gifts and can do things on a football pitch many others would not dream about but this does not amount to a 25 million pound player.

I’d consider taking him for £15 million or less but not a penny more!!!

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  1. £25 mil is a bit steep. Personally I think the squad is a bit thin and somebody for the hard winter months would help – just like Larsson did last year for 3 months. There is often no one to bring off the bench to change the game. Won the Premiership last year using O’Shea as a striker, and a substitute keeper but you can’t get away with that if you want to win the Euro Cup.

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