What Would Happen If Manchester United Sacked Solskjaer?

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Manchester United’s loss to Liverpool is still the number one subject in English football, as there are news coming out of Carrington on an hourly basis. The media are trying to find out whether the club will sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following a 0-5 disaster at Old Trafford last weekend, while others are speculating about the players being unhappy, individuals wanting to leave the club and so on. But we are not going to talk about all of that right now.

Here, we will be taking a look at the possibilities around Manchester United if the club decided to sack Solskjaer. The reports from around Man United are that such thing will not happen, at least not before the Saturday match against Tottenham Hotspur, but here we will be imagining United’s possibilities if that was to happen. That is to say, think of this as a thought experiment to how things could pan out should the club decide to part ways with the Norwegian manager.

Solskjaer Leaves, Conte Comes In

In a scenario where Manchester United decide to sack Solskjaer, it seems that the only real option to replace him would be Antonio Conte. The likes of Zinedine Zidane would not be interested, while there were reports that Man United already contacted the Italian head coach in order to sound him out. Apparently, Conte would be ready to return to England after his successful stint at Chelsea, where he won the Premier League in his first season at the club. This would mean Man United would get a proper winner in the dugout, someone who is incredibly passionate about getting the results right away.

This would be a good thing for fans who are fed up with waiting for four, five or more years for some silverware. Man United should be winning now and that is the mentality he would bring. Conte would get the best results from Man United in the 2022-23 season, as that would be the first full campaign, where he had the summer to prepare the side and also two transfer windows to get the reinforcements he would like.

Pogba Stays, United Struggle On The Right

Conte’s arrival at Man United would make things easier for Paul Pogba to decide on his potential new deal. The Frenchman signs new deal with Man United, as he is now working with the man that he already worked with at Juventus for three years, before Conte left the post in 2014. The new manager gets the most out of Pogba, finding him the perfect role, while Man United struggle on the right flank – with Conte focusing on having wing-backs in the team, more questions are posed of Wan-Bissaka, who is now behind Diogo Dalot in the pecking order.


Man United’s decision to bring in Conte would make more questions of how to fit all of Pogba, Bruno, Ronaldo, Rashford and Sancho in the team, but the Italian would be more capable of finding the solution, as he is a great tactician. This imagined Man United team with Conte might not be able to reach the semifinal of the Champions League, say, but would be very capable of winning the FA Cup. That trophy would be a huge boost for the Italian to continue making changes to the team, however, the problems could arise in 2023. Conte’s short-termism and hot-headedness could cause problems for him at Man United, as he is often too demanding of the board. Conte feels like a great short-term fix for this team, but it also feels like Man United have no better options right now. Maybe that is why Solskjaer was give another chance…

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