Manchester United Season Ending Review: Brandon Williams & Donny Van De Beek

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We have talked a lot about the Manchester United’s transfer window and the rumours surrounding the club in the past few days, so it is a perfect time to return to our season ending reviews. There has been plenty of time between now and the moment the previous campaign ended, so it will be interesting to see how the performances of certain players seem from this distance. Today we are not looking at one, but two players.

Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams’ season was not so bad in terms of playing time when you consider the context of it. In the two full-back positions, which is where Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is using him, there are many better options which get the preference to start. At left-back, Luke Shaw had his best season ever, while Alex Telles came in from Porto to improve the depth and he also had his role in this team. On the other flank, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is one of the players who was not that close to 5000 minutes spent on the pitch, showing just how often he was playing. And then it is not a surprise to see that Brandon Williams played a little under 700 minutes this season, in 14 appearances across five competitions. He made four appearances in both Premier League and Europa League, with two matches in all of Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup. He managed to make one assist in the League Cup, but looking too much into his appearances would not be so wise to do. The playing time he got is not enough to make too many conclusions. Williams did really well with his passing reliability in these appeanaces and was defensively sound enough, especially in making blocks and interceptions, but looking further than that is simply not possible. In conclusion for his campaign, this season was a good sign that Brandon Williams should leave Man United on loan next season, to get more playing time. There were reports of Southampton being interested in him and that might be a good move for him if it comes to it.

Donny Van De Beek

Donny van de Beek joined Manchester United from Ajax last summer, but did not enjoy much playing time. Despite making 36 appearances across five competitions, he had spent just 1500 minutes on the pitch, showing that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer often preferred Fred and Scott McTominay and central midfield. That is where he was mostly used, alongside with attacking midfield when Bruno Fernandes was not on the pitch. Where Van de Beek did very well was in progressing the ball forwards, making the most out of his possessions. His 5.45 progressive passes per 90 were brilliant, as well as 4.01 touches in the attacking penalty area as well. He was good at evading pressure, although his regular passing was not coming that often and was not as reliable as some would have expected. In conclusion, this coming season will be a big test for him and Solskjaer, as the player of his qualities could definitely help United, but the proper role for him has to be found…

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