Manchester United Players Fail To Win EURO 2020 As England Lose To Italy

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England waited for this moment for 55 years, but they could not do it. The Three Lions failed to win the European Championship at their own turf, as they lost to Italy at Wembley after the penalty shoot-out. Manchester United had four of their players on the pitch at one point, but they will remembered for different roles in this hurting loss.

Luke Shaw managed to give England hope that they will win the whole thing, Harry Maguire played quite well, but Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho were among those who ultimately could not handle the pressure that was put on them. But let’s go one by one.

Luke Shaw – Scoring In The EURO Final

What a tournament this has been for Luke Shaw! After shining in almost every game he plaeyd for England this summer and after assisting twice against Ukraine in the quarterfinal win, now it was his turn to even score. And at what a time! Shaw did brilliantly to put England ahead after just two minutes of play when his late run came just in time for Kieran Trippier’s cross from the rate, hitting the half-volley to get the ball past Gianluigi Donnarumma. England were brilliant in those opening 15 minutes due to that goal, getting all the adrenalin and energy to continue giving problems to Italy. However, that changed with time and Roberto Mancini’s side started to dominate possession more and more and England were unable to make anything worth noting with the ball at their feet, as they were losing it quickly after winning it back.

Harry Maguire – A True Leader

Harry Maguire started as the left of the three centre-backs in a 3-4-2-1 formation which slightly surprised Italy. Maguire was on the left, next to Luke Shaw and he was very important for England once Italy started dominating possession and waiting for openings in their defence. Maguire made six clearances and was winning almost all of his duels, both aerial and on the ground. He even scored the penalty in such a manner as if he was the designated penalty taker for England and Manchester United. Maguire’s performance proved it once again that when playing for England, he is never dropping his performances and can be relied upon in every single game.

Marcus Rashford And Jadon Sancho – Unlucky To Miss Their Penalties

As far as Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho are concerned, they were two of the three players which failed to score the penalty during the shoot-out, ultimately costing England the trophy. But there is a feeling they were undone by odd decisions by Gareth Southgate as well. Rashford and Sancho came on in the 120th minute, solely to shoot their penalties, without ever feeling the game at least for ten minutes or so, to get themselves into some kind of rhythm. Instead, Southgate decided they were the players, along with Bukayo Saka, who were going to shoot the penalty, despite the fact that there were more experienced players who would maybe feel the pressure less in such huge moments. Rashford’s shot hit the post and went off target, while Sancho’s shot was saved by Donnarumma. The fact that Rashford also substituted Jordan Henderson, who previously came on for Declan Rice, as one of the leaders of this team, is also a puzzling decision by Southgate, which left his players in an odd situation.

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