Manchester United Announce Jadon Sancho – So What Now?

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Manchester United have finally announced the signing of Jadon Sancho. The transfer saga is now officially over after more than a year of talks about the now former Borussia Dortmund winger and his potential arrival at Old Trafford. Man United have paid somewhere around 73 million pounds for a player they wanted so badly to improve their forward line and they have finally managed to do so. So what now for Man United? What will Sancho bring to this young and more and more exciting team? How will he fit in and what this means for potential other transfer deals?

How Sancho Did At Dortmund?

Sancho played for Borussia Dortmund for a total of 137 matches in all competitions and during this time, he scored 50 goals and assisted another 64, making this an outrageous output for some who was in his late teens and early 20s while at the club. It is great to say that Sancho is a very experienced player for his age, having 21 appearances in the Champions League to his name already and he has been scoring and assisting goals in that competition as well. Man United have signed a player who is very productive and creative in his right wing position and who managed to establish himself as one of the brightest talents, not just of English, but Euroepan football as well. It is not a surprise United wanted him so badly.

United Lowered The Transfer Fee

Just last year, during the late summer transfer window we had due to a longer post-COVID season, Borussia Dortmund wanted 120 million euros for the player and as we learned, they truly did not want to budge. They were not going to let Sancho leave for anything less than that asking price and it turned out United were never truly close to signing Sancho last year. But another year in this post-COVID situation and with clubs hurting, but as well with Sancho’s contract running for one more year longer, Dortmund had to sell him this time for some 35 million euros less than they asked for last summer. In part, it was also lowered due to the fact Sancho had a good, but not sensational season and United could be the real winners here in just a few seasons.

How Will Sancho Fit At Man United?

Now comes the question that many fans are thinking about, eager to see how Sancho will perform at United. In terms of personnel and the squad, Sancho should fit right in very well and we all know he is a great friend with Marcus Rashford and some other England internationals. His character will be welcome in this team, but in terms of quality on the pitch things are even more interesting – Sancho will be the right winger United craved for for so long and he will be able to make them much more unpredictable from that side of the pitch, with Rashford playing on the left and Bruno Fernandes in between them. Sancho’s creativity will be very welcome in a team that often relied on Bruno Fernandes’ moments of magic, while some other transfer targets might feel eager to join United with the atmosphere around the team improving with this signing…

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