Who Is Eduardo Camavinga, The Latest Manchester United Transfer Target?

Manchester United are starting to get their job done in this summer transfer window. Or at least it seems so this far into the summer. The window has officially not started just yet, with that being reserved for 1 July, but Man United have already been trying to sign Jadon Sancho for a month and it seems like they are getting closer to making it happen. And that is how it should be for a club like Man United. If there is anything to learn from Bayern Munich, it is that doing the job early or even before the window starts makes it much easier on the manager and his players to start working.

But Manchester United do not want to sign just Sancho from Borussia Dortmund and that’s that. No, they are also interested in Eduardo Camavinga, Rennes midfielder, as they expressed official interest in the player. We wrote yesterday about the fact that it will be far from easy to lure Camavinga to Manchester, as the player himself is quite interested in staying in France. What that basically means is ‘Hey Paris Saint-Germain, come and get me’. And PSG could definitely do so, as they would be getting a truly wonderfully talented midfielder which they could keep for the next 10 or more years. But with Man United actually interested in him, let’s find out who Eduardo Camavinga really is and what you should know about him.

The Basic Stuff

Eduardo Camavinga was born in Angola in November 2002, but is of Congolese decent. He grew up in France and came through their youth ranks. His rise was rapid, which explains why he has three caps in the senior national team of France before while still just 18. He already has 82 appearances in senior football, playing for French Ligue 1 side Stade Rennais, or more commonly known here as Rennes. Camavinga is a central midfielder who can also play as a defensive midfielder and he is a left-footed player. His contract with Rennes expires in the summer of 2022, meaning he is about to enter the final year of his contract. That is why United are so interested now, trying to get the most out of this situation and one other reason why United are also interested in him is his manager. Camavinga is part of ICM Stellar Sports agency, which is led by Jonathan Barnett, the same man whihc takes care of Gareth Bale’s career, but not just his – he also has Jack Grealish, Ben Chilwell, Luke Shaw, Dean Henderson, Daniel James and others under his wing.

Why Is Camavinga Wanted?

Camavinga is a midfielder with the characteristics of all the best modern midfielders, able to play in both directions. His qualities such as movement and play organisation, playing under pressure, beating the press and dictating the tempo so well make him a great talent. He is composed as if he has a huge amount of experience under his belt and he is also able to offer support without the ball, not just dominate when on it. That could be important for playing in the Premier League, as Camavinga is able to play at high speeds, due to his intelligence and pace. He is disciplined, can cover a lot of ground and has shown perfect mixture of aggression and timing in his defensive play. He is a truly balanced player when looking his attacking and defensive play, already a well-built, all-round midfielder who is seen as the next great thing of European football. That is why signing him will be a huge task.

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