Manchester United vs Liverpool Postponed Due To Fan Protests Against Glazer Family

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Incredible scenes have been seen on Sunday afternoon, when the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool was postponed due to fan protests at Old Trafford. After about 200 fans broke into the stadium in order to protest against the club ownership, the Glazer family, a decision was made that the game should not be played when it was scheduled.

A collective decision was made by the police, both clubs, the Premier League and local authorities, coming to a conclusion to postpone the match which was due to kick off at 16:30 BST. That made it the first ever Premier League match to be postponed because of fan protests.

What Caused The Protests?

Manchester United fans were for a long time against the ownership of the Glazer family, but everything started coming to the surface with the failed project of the European Super League. United’s decision to join the ESL with five other Premier League sides was seen as a betrayal of the community and everything the club represents, despite the fact the Red Devils have pulled out of that project when the backlash from the public became too great.

Fans gathered in front of Old Trafford, where they set off green and gold flares, in colours of the club’s origins of Newton Heath in 1878, which were also used during the anti-Glazer protests in 2010.

What Are The Goals Of The Protest?

Manchester United fans have been against the ownership of the Glazer family for many years, basically ever since their controversial takover of the club in 2005. It was then that the leveraged takeover put the club in debt, making it immediately one of the clubs with the largest debt.

Apparently, the fans want to find a solution to make Manchester United a fan-owned club, based on the German model called 50+1, making the fans those who would at all times have the minimum required shares for them to be the ones making decisions.

That is all coming in light of the failed European Super League, when fans had no say in what direction their club would be going. However, it seems a really huge challenge in front of fans to make something so big happen, as all of the Premier League owners have invested millions and billions of pounds to get these clubs and become their owners.

This was not the first protest Man United fans have made in recent weeks, as there was the protest when they entered team’s training ground at Carrington recently, protesting against the owners.

When Will The Game Be Played?

There is still no confirmation of when exactly the Manchester United vs Liverpool will be played now that the match was postponed. There is not much football left to be played before the end of the season arrives this May and typically, this game should be played before the last round of matches, because it might be a big one in terms of final standings. That is especially true of Liverpool who are still fighting for one of the European places.

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