What Now For Manchester United After European Super League’s Failure?

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This has been some week in European football. After incredibly hectic and chaotic few days, it seems now that we know what to report about the whole European Super League. Because, for a few days, there was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of different signals being sent from all sides and now that the wave of shock has passed, we can see how things have turned out. The European Super Leauge has, for now, failed in its attempt to breakaway from UEFA and form a league of their own.

Manchester United were among the 12 greedy clubs who wanted the whole show for themselves, creating a Super League comprising of 20 rich clubs, which would play in an almost closed league, similar to North America’s MLS. The whole idea fell through after just 48 hours, but the European football has changed in the process. What now for Man United, after they decided to get out of this whole charade?

Ed Woodward Resigned, Who Will Replace Him?

Well, first of all, European Super League has made changes in such way that Ed Woodward has decided to resign and he will leave his post of executive vice-chairman at the end of the year. That is a big change that happened due to something which never really materialised. Woodward decided to step down, allegedly because he could not go along with going into this new project, at least saying that was the case, since he actually left when the whole project failed.

This means now that Man United are without a figure in the club which will oversee that work on transfers and commercial aspects. The media have already started speculating, saying Edwin van der Sar is the favourite to take up a similar role to Woodward’s. It remains to be seen what will the Glazers decide, but get this position right and Man United might be unshackling themselves from all those hasty decisions they have been making for years.

What About The Glazers?

Now many have been asking themselves what will all of this failed Super League mean for the Glazers? Will they sell the club? It seems that such option is a less realistic one, although there is some reason for them possibly selling. Man United are in huge debts, mostly because of what they have been doing to the club, and those debts will continue to grow especially during pandemic. So if there is no Super League to pump in incredible sums of money straight away, they will not be able to get so much money from UEFA’s Champions League. That might be the reason for them to try and sell, but remain very cautious about such expectations.

What Happens With Man United And The Champions League?

For now, probably nothing. Man United will definitely not be punished in any bigger way for their attempt of creating a breakaway league. UEFA has already welcomed the English clubs back, knowing how valuable they are, and they even announced they will try to make a huge increase in prize money in Champions League. That could mean more money for Man United from that competition in the next few years, while a big change could happen in 2024. Then the Champions League will increase to 36 teams, each team will play 10 matches in a single huge group stage, before moving on to the knockout stages. What this will mean is even more revenue as there will be more games.

Another big point is that of those four new teams in Champions League from 2024, two places are expected to be reserved for two teams with the highest UEFA coefficient which have not qualified already, which could offer another safety net for the huge clubs such as Manchester United.

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