Top 4 ‘Last Year Of Contract’ Buys For Manchester United This Summer

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Manchester United are in an interesting situation this season. They are close to the top of the table and were even sitting on it when no one really expected it. It is clear right now that Man United are not realistically pushing for the title, at least not just yet, and there is a sort of a consesus that this team needs to continue evolving if they are to push for the big trophies next season. After all, we cannot forget this team is not in the Champions League anymore.

Therefore, we took a look into five players that could potentially be bargain buys in the summer 2021. One thing in common for most of this players? Their contracts are ending in the summer of 2022, meaning this summer they will be entering the final year of their contract.

Leon Goretzka

It is touhg to say how much of a bargain Leon Goretzka would actually be, but he might be lured to move away from Bayern Munich for the right price. The central midfielder is still not getting new contract and there were talks in German media that he might be on the move. That is all hearsay, but if United are in need of a proper central midfielder with bags of experience and still not in his peak years, than maybe Goretzka could be the solution. Not a cheap one, but potentially cheaper than he would usually be.

Raphael Varane

Okay, we are now not being realistic, but so what? Manchester United currently do not have a single world class centre-back in the team and it does not matter how much the club paid for Harry Maguire. Raphael Varane is still not entering his prime and Real Madrid have been in a bit of a financial turmoil recently, especially with building their stadium. Also, they want to go for Kylian Mbappe this summer and maybe they will need some money to fund that deal. The four-time Champions League winner and World Cup champion would be a heck of a buy for any club in the world.

Denis Zakaria

Let’s go now into a different kind of signing – someone that Manchester United mostly do not know of and who does not have a flashy name. With the way Nemanja Matic is nearing retirement and Fred can still be erratic, a defensive midfielder like Denis Zakaria could be a great buy. He is 24, has been one of the most important players for Borussia Monchengladbach and his defensive abilities have a nice mix with his ability to get past player, and therefore play around the opposition press. He had some injury problems this season, which could further knock his price down, too.

Nikola Milenkovic

And then another centre-back to mention – what can we do when these are the players whose contracts are ending in 2022? Nikola Milenkovic would be a great buy for most of the clubs, in any league. He is tall and intelligent, he has a long stride and is able to read the game well. He can play in a centre-back partnership or in a back three, which he often is a part of at Fiorentina. He is able to pick his passes further up the pitch and he is a threat in the both boxes on set-pieces. AC Milan reportedly wanted him last summer, but Man United could be financially better equipped to pay. Also, Milenkovic knows he is ready for a step up from Fiorentina and would be open for a move elsewhere.

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