Talking Numbers: A Deeper Look Into Man United’s Terrible Loss

Manchester United have been terrible and they were humiliated. The Red Devils lost this weekend 6-1 against Tottenham Hotspur at their own Old Trafford and that is a match that should ring in everyone’s ears throughout the campaign, as a proper reminder of how badly things can go for a team we believe deserve playing in the Champions League every season and even fighting for some silverware.

The match against Jose Mourinho’s Spurs was there to show us just how far this team is from any real success, especially a long-term one, a symbol that the club has fallen behind the biggest sides in England. It might sound truly dramatic, but after seven years of going from decent to average and back, this match was a good illustration of many things.

But if we look more closely to the game, from the perspective of numbers and underlying metrics, here is what we can see.

Expected Goals Clear As Day

This is usually the first thing we mention and this time things are quite simple. Spurs had a great expected goals tally, racking up chances and goals throughout the game, despite conceding two minutes into the game, similarly to the Champions League final last year against Liverpool. But instead of being succumbed and far from winning the match, as they were that time around, this time Spurs were brilliant, getting to 3.80 xG in the process. Overscoring it by more than two goals is not a surprise in this type of match.

Man United, on the other hand got to somwhere around 0.90 xG, but that is with those 0.76 xG that the penalty is worth. Apart from that goal from Bruno Fernandes, Man United almost did not do anything.

Tottenham Dominate Even With 11 Players

And sure, Spurs had the extra man for the entire hour, but blaming their dominance solely on that will not suffice this time around. Tottenham were dominant even in those 29 minutes Martial was on the pitch. After going behind so early on, Spurs needed just five minutes to get in front with a 2-1 lead.

And shots tallies tell a story here. Spurs had nine shots already in those 29 minutes, compared to four from Man United. Whilst Devils never really threatened after the goal, Tottenham made shots from inside of the box and from all kinds of situations and positions, putting Man United under constant pressure.

Reguilon Has No Problems On The Left

Sergio Reguilon was one player people paid special attention too, because he was the player making his Premier League debut against the team he was heavily linked with.

But he ended up at Spurs instead of Man United and he started at left-back, doing really well throughout. He was never challenged on that flank, with Mason Greenwood not being able to do much and Aaron Wan-Bissaka more looking towards a terrible defensive performance.

He made 21 pressures, the most of all Tottenham players and five of them were successful. He made three blocks and 56 successful passes, three of which resulted in being assists for Spurs’ shots. Good enough for this match.

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