Manchester United 1-1 West Ham: Four Things We Learned

Manchester United have failed to win another game. The Red Devils needed a win against West Ham United to feel much better about themselves ahead of the final day of the season, especially following a hard beating against Chelsea on Sunday. But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side only managed to get a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

The Hammers got the lead from the spot when Michail Antonio materialised the penalty which came after Paul Pogba decided to block his face with both arms inside the penalty area. Still, United managed to bounce back and score after a lovely combination between Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood, resulting in teenager’s 17th goal of the season. His thumping finish was not going to be stopped.

Manchester United Look Tired

Manchester Untied have shown their weaknesses in another match, but were also lacking energy and creativity. Solskjaer did start the strongest team going forwards, but they did not get to do much in possession. Without trying to find any kind of excuse right now, it should be noted that Man United are looking tired.

This team has played 10 matches in the past five weeks and it is not a surprise to see a blip, despite the fact there a few months without any football. Still, it should also be noted Man United’s blip has in yet another season happened in the run-in of the Premier League campaign and it’s threatening to ruin it all.

Pogba Tried To Make Up For His Mistake

Paul Pogba did not have a good day today. The Frenchman was subject of ridicule on social media for raising his hands in front of his face when a ball was going to his face. Whether that reaction was an instinctive one or not, it did not matter, as West Ham took that gift to get a lead. We could be sitting here and continue criticising Pogba, but it might be better if we pointed out that Pogba tried to make up for his mistake in the second half.

He was proactive and constantly trying to make things happen, despite not being some real no. 10-like creator, but he did play his part in the move that resulted in Greenwood’s goal.

West Ham Are Safe

It was always going to be the case that West Ham United were anyway close to safety, but with this point against Man United, Moyes not only managed to stop his former team from winning, but also to officially relax a little bit. This was not a good season for the Hammers by any means and there is a lot of work to be done at West Ham if they are to become a stable Premier League club they believe they should be.

Everything Still In Man United’s Hands

The feeling around Man United right now is different than what it was seven or ten days ago and things are feeling a bit flat. But despite that, somehow the Devils have managed to move into third place in the Premier League standings and they still have everything in their hands. The final 90 minutes of the season will be against Leicester and just one point will be needed for securing the Champions League qualification.

Solskjaer will be happy with that, but if United are to reach that without too much fuss on the final day, then improvements on the pitch will be expected.

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