Man United News: How Will The Premier League End And Petit Makes A Dig At Pogba

Manchester United are still on an unexpected vacation, or maybe better said, in quarantine, as the coronavirus pandemic is still making a lot of problems all around the world. Almost all football campaignes have been stoped and no one really knows when they will continue. But that does not mean there is notihng to talk about in regards to football.

In fact, that is one of the main subjects we will be discussing.

How Will The Season End?

There has been a lot of talk about how the season will end, when it will end and even where it will all happen. Some were even suggesting that it might not even end, but that it will be voided. Harry Kane, for example, said that the season might not even need to finish if it cannot be restarted by the start of June. Aleksandar Ceferin, the UEFA president, said that the season must end by 30 June and that it might be entirely stopped and never finished if it can happen by that date. There are so many different views that no one is sure how it will all pan out.

But now the Independent are saying that the Premier League executives are thinking about finishing the season in isolated “World Cup-style” camps in the midlands and London. This would happen during June and July, in order to try and finish the 2019/20 season amid the pandemic. The broadcasting contracts are making a big pressure on the league executives to finish the campaign and the idea of having all the players under strict supervision could be the one to bring that solution. It still seems a bit far-fetched, to be honest.

Emmanuel Petit Has An Interesting Thought

Today, former Arsenal midfielder and the world champion with France, Emmanuel Petit, spoke about Paul Pogba. In fact he spent more time talking about Bruno Fernandes rather than his compatriot. The Frenchman said that what Bruno Fernandes has done since arriving from Sporting Lisbon is exactly what was expected to happen when Pogba returned to England from Juventus. And that is such a fine point, that in 2016, many have really thought Pogba would be the player to make an instant improvement in such a strong fashion, to lead this team to greater heights.

Sure, it is still early to say Fernandes will be able to do so, but the point stands. It will now be interesting to see how the two could pair up this or next season.

Will United Make A Big Push For Sancho?

Many media outlets are still suggesting that Manchester United are prepared to go big in order to land Jadon Sancho this coming transfer. No one at Borussia can really say that Sancho is not for sale, but the offer would have to be a huge one. This summer will be a very odd one and with probably a chaotic transfer window, due to the later (expected) finish of the season. But if United really go after Sancho, that transfer fee might stop the club from investing in more areas of the squad. Still, the lure of having such a player in the team could make that decision easier to make…

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