Man United News: Alexis To Return, Grealish To Come, Pogba To Stay?

Manchester United are preparing for a hectic summer ahead of us. The season is still paused and who knows when it will be restarted. The campaign might end well past June, as UEFA are also thinking about potential solutions to the problems coronavirus outbreak has made on the global sport.

But whatever the case might be, there will be a transfer window this summer and Man United want to get the best out of it. There are numerous rumours once again in relation to the Devils and it will be interesting to see this time how many of those will actually be correct. United did not sign many players per transfer window in recent years and that might be necessary for this team to properly improve the squad quality and depth.

But, before we delve into those who might arrive, let’s talk about a player expected to return.

Inter Do Not Want Alexis

It was reported once again that Inter Milan will pass on their option to sign Alexis Sanchez on a permanent deal. That hardly comes as a surprise, as the Chilean winger did not manage to make a great impression on everyone at San Siro and he will be returning to Manchester United. Inter are not ready to keep his huge wages and then still go on to pay handsomely to United in order to sign him. That was also the likeliest possibility when the loan deal was arranged and this summer United will be once more reminded of their mistakes from the past.

They will have to get rid of Alexis, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will obviously not want to keep him and take up the place of younger players and that will not be an easy task for the Devils. How many clubs would actually want Sanchez this summer? How many of them would be ready to pay the transfer fee and the wages in order to make it all happen? Not many, at least not in Europe. That, in the end, might be the answer, that United will have to have faith in non-European clubs, possibly Major League Soccer or even better, a club from China, Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Inter do not want him, but neither do United.

Man United Would Want £100m For Pogba

There are new reports coming out suggesting that if Manchester United were to somehow sell Paul Pogba this summer, the Frenchman would not be allowed to leave for anything less than 100 million pounds. These reports are in line with what we have seen from United last summer, when Real Madrid undoubtedly came calling, but this summer it will probably be easier to fend off interest. The pandemic will make it harder for the big deals to happen and who will want to give 100 million pounds after Pogba virtually played almost no football this season? This could be really good news for this project of a new United side.

Will United Go After Grealish?

That is the big question, especially after Jack Grealish’s latest antics. The Aston Villa star crashed his car after getting out of quarantine and the question is there – will United really go after him, especially considering the high price tag Villa will put on him? Some reports suggest that Grealish is still preferred, but only if he can show that his lack of discipline will not be repeated. The only fact we can point out is that it seems United are closer to go after him than James Maddison.

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