Manchester United 0-2 Burnley: Four Things We Learned

Manchester United have disappointed their fans yet again, as they lost 2-0 to Burnley at Old Trafford on Wednesday night. Chris Wood and Jay Rodriguez scored in the span of 17 minutes right in the middle of the match to make it a comfortable win for the Clarets.

Sean Dyche’s side did exactly what they needed to do in order to make Man United look toothless and to also score goals whenever opportunities presented themselves. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, on the other side, will have a lot of questions to answer in the coming days…

Here is what we learned from this terrible loss.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Cannot Get The Best Out Of This Team

But then again, we already knew that. We did not really need to this match to show it to us, but it is yet another confirmation that Solskjaer is not good enough for Manchester United. His team lost for the fifth time in the past month and there is absolutely no evidence that the team is improving. Looking back at the end of August, there are no real differences, something that you would characterize as a big win for United.

Harry Maguire does not seem to be the player everyone hoped he would be when he was signed for a world record fee and in a team so poorly constructed, there are not many players that would actually thrive in this environment.

Man United Are Closer To Relegation Than Leicester

The fact that Man United are still sitting in fifth has no real value considering Man United are four points in front of the 10th placed side. In fact, the Devils have as many wins as Burnley have this season and one less than the Clarets have in Premier League since Solskjaer was officially appointed.

These facts continue, with Man United being 14 points behind third-placed Leicester, but also 11 points in front of 18th-placed Bournemouth. Yes, United are, after 24 matches, closer to relegation places than to third place. And their performances across the season are deserving of that. Against Burnley, the visitors had such an easy job of defending. United were predictable, toothless and had no rhythm in their display.

Set-Piece Goals Keep Mounting

Man United conceded yet another goal after set-pieces, with Wood scoring after Ben Mee’s flick-on. This only confirmed United are the worst team in the league in terms of set-pieces, as they are not only conceding plenty, but also scoring none at the other end of the pitch. They never seem to know what they are supposed to do and that is why Maguire is unable to stop Wood from scoring or, like last weekend, let Brandon Williams defend Virgil van Dijk…

Incapability Of Creating Chances

And at last, the lack of real chances from Man United. The expected goals tell this story very well. Looking at shot count, United made 24 shots, but how many of those were actual chances? Because from those 24 shots, they created just 1.31 in expected goals. That is 0.05 xG per shot! Lack of ideas brought us to a big number of shots from distance that had no real value.

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