Manchester United 1-1 Everton: Three Things We Learned

Manchester United are back at it again. After two big Premier League wins over Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur and Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side returned to spilling points against weaker sides, as they drew 1-1 at Old Trafford against Everton.

The visitors got the lead through Victor Lindelöf’s own goal, but it was Mason Greenwood who came on and made a lovely finish to equalise the score.

Here is what we learned from this match.

VAR Is Shambles… But De Gea Made A Mistake As Well

The first goal of the match, the one that gave Everton the lead was a really poor situation for a couple of reasons. David De Gea came out for the cross from the right to punch the ball, but instead, he was challenged by a player in the air, the ball fell behind him, hitting Lindelöf in his thigh and bouncing into the net.

First of all, we got another confirmation that the Video Assistant Referee system is not working properly in the Premier League, as it was obvious De Gea was fouled, as the opponent landed his arm onto De Gea, making it harder for the goalkeeper to get to the ball.

However, it must be pointed out, as well, that it was also De Gea’s mistake. Sure, VAR had to overturn this goal, but that does not change the fact that De Gea went too lackadaisically into this challenge, almost not keeping his eyes on the ball and in the end that led to conceding a goal.

Man United Have Their Usual Problems

How many times this season have we been speaking about Man United playing well only against the objectively better sides? Well, we got a confirmation yet again and this time it was an Everton side with Duncan Ferguson as their caretaker manager who played in a 4-4-2 despite not having five central midfielders at disposal.

And still, United managed to be poor in chance creation, penetrating the ball into dangerous areas with incisive moves and after scoring the equalizer there was no moment from the side to take the most out of that situation. They went back to being poor in possession and making it easier for Everton to defend.

Just how bad it is right now shows the fact that United have won just eight points this season against sides currently sitting in the bottom half of the table, which does not even take into consideration matches like the one against Crystal Palace.

Mason Greenwood Is Solskjaer’s Solskjaer

Mason Greenwood came on in the 77th minute of the match and scored the equalizer and he also came on the last time he came on with 15 to 20 minutes left to play, against Sheffield United. Some people even pointed out on Twitter that he is becoming Solskjaer’s Solskjaer, but the fact that the 18-year-old can impact games is an important one. With the hectic scheduling coming up soon, we could be seeing more of him on the pitch and that is a good thing for United.

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