Manchester City 1-2 Manchester United: Four Things We Learned

Manchester United have done it! They have put in a performance worthy of the club’s incredible history and showed their best when it was needed the most, as they got past Manchester City 2-1 in a derby that has seen goals from Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, before Nicolas Otamendi buried in a header when it was already too late.

Rashford scored from the spot to continue his incredible goalscoring form, whilst Martial did perfectly to materialize his chance a little afterwards, to put the Devils two goals up.

This victory comes after a 2-1 defeat of Tottenham Hotspur and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side is now entering the most frantic part of the season on a high.

Manchester United Follow Their Game Plan Perfectly

Manchester United knew what they wanted to do and they went out and did exactly that. It is a bit of a pattern the United know their game plan perfectly mostly when they meet the sides who are thought to be favourites and that happened again. Man United knew they would have to dart forwards in swift counter attacks if they were to exploit the openings.

In the end, there were so many of those openings that United could have maybe even scored more.

The Hosts’ Defence Is Shocking

It was during the summer that felt like Man City had to bring in defensive reinforcements, but now with hindsight, it is absolutely incredible that they actually thought they were going to be fine. Tonight, so many things Pep Guardiola’s side did wrong, especially in defensive transitions when they had to be quick to regroup, in order to stop the pacey threats of James, Martial and Rashford.

The way they conceded a second goal is another worry for Guardiola, but it was those chances United did not take that have shown even more defensive instabilities in his team. Their title is already lost right now, with City being 14 points behind Liverpool.

Aaron Wan Bissaka Masterclass

What a match this was from Aaron Wan Bissaka! He put in an absolutely insane performance. Solskjaer summed it up perfectly after the match, saying he had to defend against Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva and they just kept coming but they could not get past him. It was always pointed out that Wan Bissaka’s defensive strengths are great, but in matches like these, when you have just 28 per cent of ball possession, that becomes even more obvious.

Champions League Fight Is Back On

Just a week or two ago, Man United were sitting 11 points behind the fourth place, the last one that brings the Champions League football. Fast forward it after the matches against Spurs and City and you will see Man United in fifth, just five points behind Chelsea in fourth.

That is down to Man United winning consecutive Premier League matches for the first time since March and also because Chelsea’s poor form of three losses in the last four matches.

Now, the fight is on. Man United are all fine and well against the top sides, the expectations are now that against weaker sides better results must be achieved.

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