Who Are The Best Managerial Candidates For Manchester United?

Manchester United are doing great since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrived last month. After replacing Jose Mourinho’s doom and gloom, the things have changed drastically. The atmosphere is a very positive one, fans are enjoying watching Man United play and the team is winning football matches. All of them.

However, Solskjaer is still just a short-term solution until the end of the season. Despite seven wins in first seven matches and despite getting back into the race for Champions League football, Manchester United will be looking for a new manager this coming summer. But who should that be? We tried to look into the possible list of candidates and it is not a long one. There are plenty of respectable managers and also those up and coming who seem to be making great things at their clubs.

But this is Manchester United. It is all fine and well what some managers have done, but United need the absolute best of the best. Sure, Julian Nagelsmann would have been on this list if he was not already snapped up by RB Leipzing a year in advance. Here is our somewhat expected list of managers.

Mauricio Pochettino

Well, you guessed right. But simply said, there is absolutely no better candidate at this point in time for this type of Manchester United. Mauricio Pochettino could leave Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the season, if he does not get the guarantees that Spurs will grow to actually compete for the titles.

Apart from the possibility of leaving the club, he is the ideal man for building a strong, competitive team which plays nice football and he is the one that can get the most out of players, but also the one that will give chances to youngsters. Also, he has the pedigree of a tactically astute manager and he could be the one for long-term. This simply makes a lot of sense.

Diego Simeone

This is where things start getting trickier, simply because none of the candidates are as strong favourites as Poch is. Diego Simeone has been at Atletico Madrid for seven years and he won La Liga, two Europa League trophies, Copa Del Rey and played in two Champions League finals with a side which was far from third best in Spain when he took over. He improved it over years into a European powerhouse.

The drawback would be that his Atletico is not playing football that would satisfy Old Trafford, but maybe he would show some flexibility after coming to a different setting. After all, Marcelo Bielsa was his “footballing father”.

Lucien Favre

Borussia Dortmund are setting the pace in Bundesliga and could actually win the trophy. But what if they implode and lose it? Could Lucien Favre leave the club? He definitely could if Man United would be the ones calling. His teams play attractive football and this would be a ‘wildcard’. A gamble that could pay out, but the previous two seem more likely to stay at a single club for longer.

Zinedine Zidane

We do not believe in this. He is on this list simply for us to tell you that we believe it would not turn out well in the end.

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  1. Guys you can’t just do journalism based on what you ”believe”- Zidane is probably the second favourite for the job and is a fantastic option. He won more with Real Madrid in 3 years than every other manager PUT TOGETHER did in the previous 10 despite the outrageous investment that club does.
    Until Zidane all Ronaldo had won there was 1 league and 1 spanish cup.
    So yeah your beliefs aren’t really grounded in fact

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