Manchester United Have Bigger Problems Than Jose Mourinho, But He Is The Easiest Problem To Solve

Manchester United are in a difficult situation right from the start of the season. If Jose Mourinho’s first press conference of the new season had told us that things could be very negative very soon, the beginning of the Premier League campaign proved that right.

The Devils won their opening match, but then lost their next two, conceding six goals in those losses. Jose Mourinho used that to have another of his usual press conferences, demanding respect from the media. Whatever the case might be and whom ever you might be backing, questions about his sack are growing. Currently, United do not plan to sack the manager, but the situation is far from stable.

Chaos Rules At Old Trafford

The thing is quite simple. Manchester United have plenty of problems right now – on the pitch, in the dugout, off the pitch. Jose Mourinho is far from their biggest problem right now. The situation between Ed Woodward and the manager is what is more poisonous for a huge club like United and the way Woodward is leading the club does not see right either. There is no real structure to the way United behave in the transfer market and the squad, thus, looks very imbalanced.

It would be the easiest thing to sack Jose Mourinho. Paying him off would not be a huge problem for such a big club and getting someone new in would inject some new energy. However, just because that is not the hardest thing to do, it does not mean it should be done. There are plenty of mistakes the manager did, but seems even more that the club hierarchy created. So, Manchester United have bigger fish to fry right now. Sacking Mourinho does not seem like it would be a move that would stabilize the club and bring an opportunity to go forward straight away.

What If Mourinho Got Sacked?

Who would the next Manchester United manager if Jose Mourinho was to get sacked? Zinedine Zidane? He seems like the only reasonable option available right now and he just won three Champions League trophies in two and a half seasons as a head coach. So, that makes sense then? Not really. There is no manager of the highest profile right now that would want to inherit this squad – because of its imbalances, lack of options in defence and a midfield that tends to easily go missing.

On the other hand, it does not seem like Mourinho will be able to turn things around. The window just closed and he was not backed and he seems to be losing the touch that he had when he first arrived in England. Sure, he still needs to be respected, as he pointed out, but this is now the time he often pointed out in other managers’ careers – the lack of results.

Thus, Mourinho needs to adapt to a new situation. The club hierarchy is not backing him properly, they seem to be offering Anthony Martial a new long-term contract and the communication between Jose and Woodward is almost non-existent. Maybe Mourinho finds this as another underdog situation he likes so much and turns things around?

Until then, the club needs to sort plenty of other things.

4 Comments on Manchester United Have Bigger Problems Than Jose Mourinho, But He Is The Easiest Problem To Solve

  1. Great managers have the ability to make stars out of “average” players.
    Mou does the opposite, he turns talented players into very average ball
    kickers. Narcissistic,self declared “special one” lives in his past and
    doesn’t understand simple fact, that time is changing , so is football.
    Manager/coach is only as good as his recent results.
    Last Monday in the 1st half MU showed that they can play the United way.
    1 – 2 touch passes, quick transition, high pressing offensive football….
    The problem is ,how to get them to play like this for 90 min. every game.
    This style of the greatest game is NOT in Mourinho dictionary.

  2. What is the point of a new manager mourinho is one of the best your stick stuck with Woodward. He maybe saving money but if they don’t qualify for Europe they lose then they cannot attract top players. What’s the dam point of undermining mourinho.

  3. And also, I see United fans like a spoiled child,because for a very long time,they’ve tasted nothing but success,they failed to realise that in this life falling is easier than climbing. The success of sir Alex Ferguson is so huge to the extent that it’s almost impossible for any coach to match in modern football. That’s why pep decided to go to city instead of United. He knew the fans will always call for more, and this also goes with pressure, so he chose the one with a project,not continuation of success.
    Now, after the failure of two managers United fans are calling for attack!!! attack!!! attack!! With “Old soldiers” at the back of the defence, instead of allowing the manager to install mentality after falling from grace to grass the previous 3 seasons. For instance, real Madrid suffered 7 seasons of humiliations in the hands of Olympic Leon and Ac Milan before jose prepared them to 3 champions league semi-finals. By then, where was Zidane or Anceloti? If United are not careful they’ll be “Sleeping Giant” like Liverpool. A word to a wise in enough.

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