Manchester United Would Be Wise To Sell Marcos Rojo To Wolves

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Manchester United still do not know when they will sign a new centre-back and who that will be. The club are reportedly trying to get Harry Maguire from Leicester City, while some other reports also suggest that they did not pull out of the conversations with Tottenham Hotspur, regarding the transfer of Toby Alderweireld. However, it seems that a slot for a centre-back will be freed soon enough.

English media report that Manchester United are close to agreeing with Wolverhampton Wanderers in regards to selling Marcos Rojo for around 25 million pounds. If that truly is the case, the Red Devils would be wise to truly accept the offer and part their ways with the Argentine defender.

There are several reasons for that. One of them is that Marcos Rojo simply has not been good enough for this Manchester United side. His injuries meant that in his time at the club he played in less than 50 percent of matches. After a terrible World Cup as well, it is time to say goodbyes.

Far from it that Marcos Rojo has been poor United. That simply is not the case. Yet Rojo is on a huge salary, earning around 160.000 pounds whilst not playing in most of the matches. If he was to actually stay, it is probable that he would still be a backup option. For around 8.3 million pounds per year, that simply is not something Manchester United need right now.

Also, Rojo is 28. Chris Smalling is as well, but he has proved to be of better quality and is also a domestic player. Phil Jones did not expect too many Man United fans during last campaign, but it makes sense that he is being chosen to stay rather than Rojo. The Argentine does not have many upsides for keeping him at the club – he is not good enough, he is injury prone, while also getting older. He is on huge wages and there is a club offering great amount of money, even for this inflated transfer market.

With the reported 25 million pounds and 160.000 pounds per week freed, Manchester United would be also freeing a space for a new centre-back. It could be a risky thing to sell a defender before signing a new one, but in this case, that probably will not be the case. Manchester United seem to be getting closer to signing Harry Maguire. Whether that is a good deal for United right now is something that we have previously talked about, but the other important aspect is that Manchester United would be sure they will not be stuck with too many defenders.

Daley Blind has gone to Ajax, also for good money considering he did not play and that he was not going to be part of the core of the team. Matteo Darmian is close to leaving to Italy and it looks just like a matter of time when that will happen. Rojo, too, is close to leaving. His departure could be an end of a short era in which United were signing good, but not truly great players. A replacement in that position could also be a statement. Depending on who that will be…

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  1. Whilst United would be wise to sell Rojo to Wolves, Wolves would not be wise to buy him… and why?
    For the very reasons stated in this article!
    Rojo has good days and bad days, mostly bad days and Wolves don’t need someone like that!
    His salary is also a little too high for a promoted club to take on but he could do a decent job for a continental club somewhere.
    So sorry United, sell him if you must but don’t put him on a Wolverhampton bound train!

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