What Can Manchester United Learn From Other Top 6 Clubs This Summer

Manchester United are in a tricky situation this summer. The club has not brought in enough new players and the team still looks pretty much the same as season. When a team needs to make plenty of changes after finishing second the in the league, the team is actualy not that great. United have a very good core of their first team players, but that is not enough. Here is what Manchester United can learn from other top 6 Premier League clubs this summer, in order to get their targets and improve the squad before the new campaign commences.

Liverpool – Having A Long-Term Plan In Place

Liverpool are historically Manchester United’s biggest rival. With how the things have been going on Merseyside, there is plenty of things the Devils could learn. Liverpool played in Europa League and Champions League finals in the span of three seasons. Sure, they still have not won any silverware – while United did – but Jurgen Klopp has managed to get Liverpool out of a difficult situation of being just a top half club into a possible challenger next season.

They have done that by carefully picking their transfer targets and bringing them in. Their specific style of play means that the board knows exactly what type of players are necessary for Klopp to have. With Naby Keita and Fabinho, they have managed to improve team’s motor – the midfield. Andy Robertson was one of the shrewdest pieces of business, while Alisson will be an upgrade on goalkeeping troubles. Even with Van Dijk, Liverpool had to wait six months longer, but after selling a high class player in Coutinh0 – who did not even fit the style of play that great – Liverpool could get in the players they wanted. In the past two years, it is obvious that Liverpool knew exactly what profiles of players they needed and they have brought them in.

Chelsea – Reluctance Is Not Good

Chelsea, on the other hand, showed that they did not have a very good plan. They did bring in Maurizio Sarri together with Jorginho, but only after spending too long to get rid off Antonio Conte. Everything looks chaotic at Stamford Bridge now and Sarri’s brand of football is not actually going to fit in so easily with current squad. That is why this is a type of a gamble for Chelsea – if they do not give Sarri enough time, they could end up in another vicious circle of signing and sacking managers, without ever giving them a proper chance to build something meaningful.

Chelsea’s season could be a good one, but right now they look like they are gamble with it. Manchester United do not need that, even though the board also looks like gambling. There are not enough new high quality signings this summer and Jose Mourinho is already grumpy about that. And that makes sense. He has been at the club for two years and the first team still does not look like it is ready for making a title challenge. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from both Liverpool and Chelsea, both good ones and bad ones.

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  1. If you are talking Club learning United could take the best bits from one the best bits from another use their own model and mould them together, if you are talking Mourinho, NOTHING because he is never wrong, it is never his fault and after all he is the Special One. With blinkers on a man can learn nothing in life, he must be prepared for change and adaptation, new methods and new models, Mourinho is incapable of change because of his arrogant self belief which is built on shifting sands.

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