Player Season Review: Sergio Romero

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We are continuing with our player season reviews with Sergio Romero. The Argentine goalkeeper had a season that could be called poor. Not because he did not play much – that was always expected when David De Gea is his rival for the starting spot, but because the season finished in the worst possible way for him. He got injured in training ahead of the World Cup and the regular first-team goalkeeper of Argentina is now forced to miss the tournament.

What do the numbers say?

Sergio Romero really did not play much. He had the opportunity to start one Premier League match, on the last day of season against Watford. De Gea played every minute of the previous 37 games and it was the opportunity for Romero to get the taste of the competition this season. In Champions League he got the chance to be in goal twice – against Basel and CSKA Moscow. Those were the two final group stage matches for the Devils and he conceded once to both sides.

In FA Cup, he was in goal four times, while he made three appearances in the League Cup. Looking overall, he conceded just five goals in those 10 matches, which is obviously a good record. What is more impressive is that he did not concede a single goal in 2018, keeping five clean sheets in five appearances. It is too bad he will not have the chance to try and prove his quality in Argentina’s jersey this summer.

Numerically, it is always harder to measure the performances of goalkeepers, especially when you do not have the access to all of those nice analytical tools. What we can derive from Romero’s season is that he has been reliable when given the chance and that chance was never going to come often.

Was he an important player for the club?

No, obviously not. Manchester United are lucky they had such an experienced goalkeeper as their backup option for the past two seasons. Romero has been really solid for Argentina for many years now and there is no doubt that he would do well if he had been given more chances. However, next to De Gea that was never going to happen. More importantly, De Gea raised the bar so high that Romero would probably never reach his levels, but that does not mean that Romero is not a very good goalkeeper.

Obviously, De Gea’s performances meant that United conceded much less goals than it would be expected on average and Romero would probably be amongst those keepers that would struggle with so much work to do during matches. However, there are almost no goalkeepers in the world that would do the sam job De Gea did, after all.

Projection for the 2018-19 season

It is expected for Sergio Romero to leave the club this summer. He has not been playing for two years and it is normal to get a bit agitated and wanting to play more. Also, there were already rumours of potential suitors, so it will not be a surprise if we do not see him in Manchester come next season.

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