Is The Mesut Ozil – Henrikh Mkhitaryan Swap A Possibility And Should Manchester United Pursue It?

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The January transfer window is fast approaching. Manchester United will be heading into it with several question marks regarding their team. Some players could be leaving the club and Jose Mourinho confirmed on Friday he will try and get new players in if they are the right ones.

“If you can buy a player in January that you want to buy in June or July, so you have the chance to get him a few months earlier, then great. But just that”, Mourinho said in a press conference ahead of the match against West Bromwich Albion.

Mesut Ozil In Final Six Months Of His Contract

However, there have been reports surrounding Manchester United and Mesut Ozil for some time now. The Arsenal playmaker will be out of contract next summer and media clam the Red Devils could exploit that and buy him in January. That way they would ensure a high-profile player six months earlier.

Alan Smith, football pundit and former player, claimed on for Premier League Daily that Manchester United could use Henrikh Mkhitaryan for buying another player.

“Who knows what will happen in January? There will be plenty of offers for someone like Mkhitaryan. Whether they will be the right place or not is another matter. He is a sellable asset and a bargaining chip perhaps for somebody else that Mourinho might want to get in”, Smith said.

Could Manchester United Use Mkhitaryan As Bargaining Chip?

While he did eventually say Mourinho will probably not be giving up on the Armenian player, Smith opened a whole new subject. Manchester United have showed some strength in depth recently, as Mkhitaryan has not been playing at all. His form was stellar at the beginning of the season, but ever since he went missing for United.

It is hard seeing this swap happening. After all, swaps are not that common in football market these days, but it is an interesting thought. United would get a player which would immediately improve the starting XI. With Paul Pogba behind him and Romelu Lukaku up front, Ozil could really shine in this Man United side.

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Not to mention that the German international already worked with the manager, similarly to Matic.

On the other hand, Arsenal would be doing themselves a favour. They would get a direct replacement for Ozil, freeing them from the transfer market search. Other teams would know they need an attacking midfielder and could have a leverage, and this way the Gunners could avoid that.

Unlikely, But No Reason Not To Pursue The Swap

Yet, it is hard to imagine Arsene Wenger pushing for this option. Yes, Mkhitaryan would not be a replacement as good as Ozil has been for Arsenal in recent years, but he has the potential to hit the heights. With this deal, Mourinho would not have to wait for Mkhitaryan to reach those heights, while Wenger would get the best out of this difficult situation.

Simply, Arsenal are not in position to be demanding too much. They got one of their key players into the last six months of his contract. Whatever happens now, Arsenal will have to compromise.

As for Ozil coming to Manchester United and Mkhitaryan going opposite direction is not very likely. Yet, the feeling is Mourinho would have more reasons to try and go for it.

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