Manchester United Should Relish Big Matches

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Manchester United have struggled to win regularly against big Premier League clubs in recent years. The trend has continued since Jose Mourinho joined the club in summer of 2016. The Portuguese manager still has troubles winning against top 6 clubs away from home. The match against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend could be an important one for many reasons.

First of all, it will be played at Old Trafford. The Theatre of Dreams would be ecstatic to see a great performance against a team that has finished above Manchester United in the last two seasons. Beating Tottenham Hotspur would be a great show for the home fans and an injection of positive vibes around the club.

Huddersfield Still In Minds

The team has underperformed badly against Huddersfield last weekend and the ween over Swansea in League Cup during midweek did not erase that. Players were poor and their attitude was not good enough for Manchester United players. The loss to newly promoted side maybe was hurtful, but it could also be a wakeup for the squad.

Jose Mourinho talked negatively about the players after the match and he would very much want to see a big difference in attitude against Spurs. It could prove to be a turning point this season, especially after such a loss to Huddersfield. That scenario would only make everyone thinking about Man United winning the title, not just because it would be a win against great Tottenham side.

Manchester United Need To Show Character In Big Matches

No, it would be because of the strength of character that is needed for something like that. Staying strong after losing to Huddersfield and after being criticised by the media, the manager and the fans is not an easy task, but also beating Tottenham right away would prove there is something great in this team. Of course, that does not mean Manchester United would go on to win the league. However, it would be an indicator that the material is there.

Mental part of the Saturday game will be important, but displays of individuals could prove key as well. David De Gea was made for big clashes, as we have seen in previous years. He has been exceptional in pretty much every important match Man United played and he could be important again.

However, other players should carry the biggest part of the burden this time. Romelu Lukaku has a lot to prove to his critics after he failed to score against Liverpool. His goalscoring record against biggest English sides is far from good and this could be his chance to shine. Lukaku’s physical presence must be utilized to shake up things in Tottenham’s defence. For that, though, he needs a good supply too.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan played very well early into the season, but since the September international break his formed dropped heavily. He is a man of moment, able to unlock any defence and his creativity could be vital. Man United have missed his good performances recently and what could be a better way to get up to speed than against Spurs.

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