What Would Buying Alexis Sanchez Mean For Manchester United?


There is just over 24 hours left to the summer transfer window and Manchester United are being linked with Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean superstar has given a transfer request to Arsenal and wants to leave from Emirates before August ends.

Manchester City have been the favourites to sign him, at least according to most media. Yet Manchester United are reportedly asking around and could try and hijack the deal. So what would mean for Manchester United if Alexis really ends up at Old Trafford?

Alexis Sanchez Is The New Robin Van Persie

Five years ago, Robin van Persie left Arsenal in his last year of contract. He did so because he wanted to win the Premier League. The Dutch striker joined Manchester United in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season. He won the title.

This is would be another Robin van Persie case. Alexis is Arsenal’s main man, the same way RVP was half a decade ago. It would mean another selling to a big rival, which would tilt the strengths of the two times in opposite direction. Arsenal would be much worse without the man who was part of 49 goals last season. Manchester United would get a player who could break any team in Europe on his day. The appetites at both Emirates and Old Trafford could drastically change if this deal really happens.

Title Favourites

First and foremost, if Alexis Sanchez becomes Manchester United player, Jose Mourinho’s side would become title favourites. There would not be any place for debating that. The Reds already started the season furiously, winning all three matches with a goal difference of 10-0. Yes, the sides United played were not of highest caliber, but Alexis Sanchez makes every team shiver before the match starts.

Adding the Chilean to Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan would be far more potent side Manchester United already is. And they seem very potent already. Mourinho would not be able to run away from the tag of ‘title favourites’. He is more accustomed to the ‘title contenders’ one but Alexis Sanchez is a player that changes that.

This deal would also mean Manchester United will have their sights set on reaching the final stages of the Champions League. A semifinal could not be that far away…

Less Playing Time For Others

This is an obvious one. Mourinho would get a world class player in Sanchez, which would mean other wingers would have less playing time. Alexis wants to play all the time, and not just that, he deserves that too. Yet, what would that mean for both Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial?

Or maybe it would be Juan Mata who would lose the starting spot? Manchester United’s squad would become big enough to play on all four fronts, but there is one problem. Having too many players of the highest quality means someone would have to sit on the bench more often. Jose Mourinho is not going to rotate as much as Pep Guardiola would.

It would be tougher task for him to keep everyone happy. But with Sanchez at the club, the big titles would be closer. That makes players happier even if they are playing less. Let the transfer window unfold.

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