Rooney – The Perfect Storm For Moyes

Wayne Rooney’s future could well lie in the hands of new Manchester United boss David Moyes

Author: Bricki

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I didn’t want to discuss Rooney and the ridiculous situation he has again put himself in due to whatever brain cell he has decided to use this time. The summer however seems dominated by him once again.

My personal opinion on Rooney is that a change would probably be best for him and the club but then i’m not in a position to offer either side advice so my thoughts don’t count, just like every other blogger going.

The current predicament however seems to give David Moyes an early chance to stamp his authority on a squad that has only been use to one other Scotsman.

The ‘Rooney’ issue has now been going on for several seasons following the flirtation with City which resulted in his new high value contract. Since then it’s fair to say that we have only seen brief flashes of the Rooney who felt he deserved such a contract. He has continued to score goals in fits and starts with the odd really good game suggesting he has hit the heights we know he is capable. Unfortunately the huffing and puffing would follow, hands on hips or an exasperation that things were not going his way.

For a player who pretty much held the club to ransom over his importance to them, he hasn’t really provided the leadership and talent we would hope for. The demand for the quality of player recruited to go up has resulted in Robin Van Persie ousting him from the main strikers role. This has resulted in more bottom lip sulking and now a demand for an apology at the suggestion he requested a transfer. This has not gone down well with the majority of fans and it appears the bridges with the fans he rebuilt after the first transfer request may well have been completely burnt.

So what does this mean for Moyes stepping into the biggest challenge in world football, replacing Sir Alex Ferguson?

Having to deal with one of the biggest ‘stars’ of the squad has actually given Moyes a no-lose situation.

If Moyes decides to cut his losses on Rooney and sell then he will do it with the blessing of the majority of fans, many match going reds will also approve offering him strong backing early. All signs point to the club at least attempting to recruit at least one ‘name’ for the squad so it can highlight the belief and ability that we can lose Rooney but make the squad stronger without him.

The other option Moyes appears to have would be to take the hard line with Rooney, put him in his place in terms of his role in the squad and demonstrate to the squad and fans that he is now in charge. This would again demonstrate to the fans that Moyes is his own man and will not be dictated to by any of the squad. It would set a marker down for everyone in what Moyes will expect from his team.

The biggest issue i feel for Rooney is that he has been living on past success too long. Whilst the likes of RVP, Hernandez and even Welbeck have shown a development, Rooney appears to be stagnant. 15-20 goals a season is a pretty impressive stagnant but the rest of Rooneys game has failed to improve the way others have. The setup of the team requires the forwards to be creative as well as score and Rooney just does not seem to do this now.

Does Rooney still ‘get’ United like he has previously? The breakdown in relationship between himself and the fans suggest he doesn’t. This becomes even more stark when you look at the way that other players have embraced joining the club. Van Persie, Hernandez and others have nothing but good words for the players, fans and everything about the club. They have bought into what Manchester United is about and are delighted to play a part at the club. Rooney it seems like he feels the club is lucky to have him and not vice versa. This is an attitude that the fans pick up on very easily and whilst difficult to make the fans turn on you, Rooney has now successfully done this twice.

In trying to play a game where he is in charge, it would appear Rooney has lost complete control of his situation.

Whatever Moyes does with Rooney it seems that he can only look strong in the eyes of the people that matter. The fans.

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6 Comments on Rooney – The Perfect Storm For Moyes

  1. I think this is a great situation to walk into for David Moyes. As you said, both of his options at this juncture will point to his ‘strength’. Rooney leaves, no player is bigger than the club blah blah. Rooney stays, Moyes had kept our best player at the club. And please do not forget that is what he is. Our best player. I disagree that he has not had required impact, his ability to control a game of football from a deep attacking position is almost unique. Certainly no one in the premier league performs that job as well, or at all. Hazard and Mata come closest. I hope Wayne stays as we can only be stronger. But I think David Moyes might be pleased with this opportunity to gain respect from fans no matter what happens.

  2. I agree Ramsey! I think this has been a blessing in disguise. Another masterclass in man management by Sir Alex. It is arguable that Fergie’s last great gift for Moyes’ was playing Bad Cop with Rooney. If you look at Rooney’s stats he’s consistently played one strong year, rested on his Laurel’s and by his high standards had a relatively low impact year the next. I’m confident that he will be vastly improved this coming year. There is no doubt that he is suffering for form, as a consequence confidence and desperately needs another fitness boost like the NIKE bootcamp. Moyes can now play good cop with Rooney, remind him of his importance and ability. Perhaps even point out Fergie was not happy with his fitness and given up. Moyes can then ‘offer’ an olive branch and offer to help with his fitness provided Rooney will be committed and help him to prove his doubter’s and more importantly Sir Alex wrong! I would rather not lose Rooney, it would still be a massive loss even at his current level. He brings confidence and work ethic to other players and can be a leader on the pitch. If we do lose him I pray it won’t be to another premier league club. However the way Rooney had now been portrayed in the media by Sir Alex, Moyes’ will be perceived to have done no wrong in selling or retaining. I hope it’s the latter. Sir Alex is a genius to the last….

  3. He doesnt even ‘get’ what being a professional footballer is. He is overweight, drinks and smokes and was huffing and puffing his way around the pitch at times last season. With his natural ability he could be one of the best in the world, why doesnt he turn himself into a lean, fit machine so he can be up there with the very top players? I wouldnt be sad to see him go thats for sure…

  4. Taiking above a complete player,rooney is a complete in every area.check is work for the club ever since he had being in club,to me he is a better player than rvp&hernandez,he is a blessing to the terms,is just that saf have not be fair to him and to himself.if u want to know more,call me

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