19 December 2010 | Stretty Stories

Glazer Out

In today’s news the Qatar royal family hopes to buy Manchester United and Carlos Tevez wants a reunion with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Qatar royal family plan £1.5bn takeover of Manchester United – Mirror

The Daily Mirror is reporting the Qatar royal family is interested in bidding for Manchester United. Since they first took over the Glazer regime has been met by criticism and protest from fans, and this may well be exactly what fans have been hoping for. This is nothing more than rumour at this point, so fans should read this story with caution. Keep checking this site for any possible developments and reactions.

Wantaway Tevez begs United boss Fergie to take him back – Daily Mail

No. Just no. Few things make me more ill than the thought of Carlos Tevez wearing a United shirt again.


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2 Comments on 19 December 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. I like the ‘Bring Ronaldo Home’ thing on twitter but think it needs to take a break now.

    I am sure the important thing has been achieved which is both Ronaldo and Rio (who have had loads of those tweets tweeted to them) have got the message but I reckon neither of them are going to acknowledge them publically for professional reasons.

    The more tweets that are sent, the more annoyed I think both of them will start to get. They want to read things that they can reply to (that is what Twitter is for) not have their timeline littered with something neither of them have any control over. Yes, Ronaldo could ask to leave Real Madrid but Real Madrid would need to agree to sell (unlikely!) and United would need to be able to afford his large transfer fee and wages.

    I also think today is not the right day to increase the campaign. Today should be about Sir Alex, not Ronaldo or any other player. So maybe get a ‘favourite Fergie moment’ trending or something.

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