02 November 2010 | Stretty Stories

Not much in today’s news. Wayne Rooney is targeting a return in the Manchester derby and Piers Morgan signs off from The Daily Mail with a final insult to United.

Rooney sets sights on derby return – Daily Express

The Daily Express is reporting that Wayne Rooney has returned to training and could be in contention for a role in next week’s Manchester derby. A year ago this would’ve been massive news, but this just isn’t the good news that it should be. Maybe it’s because I haven’t forgiven Rooney yet, or maybe it’s because he is coming back from injury and has been in dismal form since March. Also, our other strikers have done admirably in Rooney’s absence. Javier Hernandez is on fire right now with six goals in 12 games, and frankly I don’t see any reason why he should be dropped given his current form. Dimitar Berbatov started the season strong, but he’s on a bit of a dry spell in terms of goals. So perhaps the Bulgarian would be sacrificed for Rooney. There is no doubt that an in form Rooney is a potent threat, but he’s not in form right now. Maybe his new deal has set his head straight, but that’s yet to be seen. It’s doubtful we’ll see Rooney in a starting role, but an appearance from off the bench is definitely possible.

Piers Morgan: Manchester United are imploding – Daily Mail


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2 Comments on 02 November 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. The fact of the matter is, Wayne Rooney is still employed by Manchester United Football Club. He’s had his 2 weeks of notorious fame and it is time for him to get back on that pitch and earn those “Reddies” for whomever.

    Though I no longer view him as my favourite United player due to him: (a)Letting his team-mates down;
    (b)Letting his and United supporters down;
    but more importantly…
    (c)Besmirching the reputation of Sir Alex
    by intimating he had no injury, and to the
    media as well..Not the done thing to a man
    KNIGHTED for his services over a long tenure
    to Football.

    Agent OR not Wayne Rooney is not a child..Be a man and front up, upon the Pitch. No more molly-coddling.


  2. “Maybe it’s because I haven’t forgiven Rooney yet”

    Me either, but if he does start and does nowt he’s not exactly going to endear himself to the Stretford faithful is he?

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