Pleased to see Hargreaves on the mend…

Owen Hargreaves

Yes – we’ve been as slow as old cart horse John Terry chasing an old granny lately but with good reason!  My house move is all done just waiting on broadband activation now – but when there is connection everything will be up to speed!

Anyhow that is enough of my pathetic excuses, on to more promising matters of Owen Hargreaves return with his inclusion in the Champions League squad.  If there was no chance of him playing – like when Mourinho left out Michael Ballack in 2007 after his injury – Fergie wouldn’t have even thought about including the midfielder in his list.  Turns out Hargreaves is back at United this month – and hopefully not too far away from first team action.

Anyhow here is the squad for the Champions League this season – with no Zoran Tosic:

1.Van der Sar, 2.Neville, 3.Evra, 4.Hargreaves, 5.Ferdinand, 6.Brown, 7.Owen, 9.Berbatov, 10.Rooney, 11.Giggs, 12.Foster, 13.Park, 15.Vidic, 16.Carrick, 17.Nani, 18.Scholes, 20.Fabio, 21.Rafael, 22.O’Shea, 24.Fletcher, 25.Valencia, 26.Obertan, 27.Macheda, 28.Gibson, 29.Kuszczak.

Additional players (due to their age):

8.Anderson, 19.Welbeck, 23.J.Evans, 31.C.Evans, 33.Hewson, 36.Gray, 37.Cathcart, 38.Zieler, 39.Chester, 40.Amos.

I promise Stretty Rant will be back up and running as normal come October – and a big thank you to Yolkie for keeping everything going.  Remember you can follow us on Twitter and also participate in the forum.

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