Match Report: Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City

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Tevez and Ronaldo

The 141st Manchester derby provided as comfortable an occasion as Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United troops could have hoped for at such a crucial stage of the season, as they returned to the top of the table.

The 2-0 victory, while petering out for the whole of the second half on the pitch, was achieved with goals by two players who appeared to throw their Old Trafford futures in doubt once again.

Cristiano Ronaldo gave the Champions the lead – Dimitar Berbatov was felled around 25 yards from goal, and the United number 7 continued his excellent recent form by drilling in the right hand corner of the goal.

Carlos Tevez then made two telling contributions – the first acting as somewhat of a forecast for the second, with his initial 20 yard effort smashing against the outside of the post, and then his second – after the sublime creation of Berbatov – found the inside of the post into the goal to seal the result. The much loved Argentinian’s response was to cup both ears in direction of the South Stand – evidently in the hope of a stronger attempt to sign him from Sir Alex,

The second half was almost a non-event save for a hysterical reaction by Ronaldo to being substituted – throwing an offered vest to the ground and then almost pathetically offering pouts to the cameras for a full 2 minutes.

The visitors only really threatened through a wild Robinho half chance and an effort that van der Sar magnificently saved, while United could have added another with a late flurry, most notably through Rafael who saw his effort saved.

What looked like one of United’s toughest remaining fixtures on paper didn’t turn out to be so in reality but the lethargy of the performance, particularly after Tevez’s goal and the reactions of both he and Ronaldo will probably have given Sir Alex an untimely – and ultimately, more prevalent – potential disharmonious headache in a crucial week for the club.

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  1. Anyway, yes Ron is in excellent form but he shouldn’t go so OTT. Its good that he wants to play but he needs to be a bit more mature. I know he said after the last derby that he was keen to make ammends after getting sent off. That said, it will all blow over quickly, once he realises he did wrong, he will apologise to SAF and as SAF himself said, he understands players desire to play.

    Its Tevez, I am more bothered about. Once again he shows that he is playing off the fans and SAF against each other by his goal celebration. Moreoever, he keeps running to the press to have a good bitch. Its distracting

  2. Okay Ronny is angry, but he should bear in mind that United have a midweek game, and if he played 90 minutes I doubt if he would still have the stamina to run the atack, and moreover, he seemed to be out of the game yesterday, missing his back flicks and some poor control on the ball. Yes he scored a brilliant freekick again, but thats it. Tevez deserves to be a United player for some more seasons, he’s hard working, and had he not been denied twice by the woodwork, he would have had a hat trick. Look out SAF, Tevez is sending out a loud and clear signal to the board, as well as the other interesting teams who are willing to buy him… He has the energy to run around the pitch for more than 90 minutes, and if he and rooney are placed on a wing each, we could do magic, forget barça and messi 😀

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