Why Fergie will drill home the importance of killing off Arsenal

“I’m a bit fed up”, sounds like the ramblings of an 80 year old pensioner who has been told that there isn’t anymore Bingo left for the rest of the evening – rather than the manager of the European Champions who continue to frustrate with regards to the amount of chances that aren’t being put away.  Looking as far back as the Blackburn Rovers game, in which United scored two through Wes Brown and Wayne Rooney, it was clear that the margin should have been much greater than it was, despite the fact that it was the best performance of the season.

The last three games have resulted in United scoring seven goals and conceding four.  One thing that has stood out for the United manager is the below par second half performances that have continued to grow.  United should have had Everton dead and buried before they scored, United should have increased their goal tally against West Ham and Hull City should never have been allowed back into the game especially considering the amount of chances United wasted.  Are United becoming complacent in their recent performances?  Is this something that needs addressing?

Fergie receiving some kinda HMV award or another pretentious present from the great man. 

Although we are third in the table, five points off the top of the table with a game in hand and we haven’t even hit top form yet – where’s the problem?  There isn’t really, however we know from history that Fergie lives and breathes football and has always drilled home the importance of finishing games off.  He quite famously was disappointed with his Aberdeen side even though they had just won a Cup final – because they didn’t perform to his high standards.  Fergie won’t be too concerned with the fact that United are in a good position to challenge Chelsea and Liverpool at the top of the table but I believe a good solid performance, for 90 minutes, against Arsenal will leave the boss extremely satisfied.

I said Decaf….DEEEECAF! 

In contrast Arsenal are having an even worse time.  Defeats to Fulham, Hull and now Stoke City have left Arsenal trailing behind without playing any of the top four.  Arsenal host United on Saturday and this is the first time they will play one of their main ‘title’ rivals.  United, on the other hand, after the game will have played all three title rivals away from home.  Combine this with a win and United will only be two points off the top of the table – providing the game in hand is taken into context.

Arsenal could well be without Adebayor, Walcott, Gallas and will definitely be without Robin Van Persie – who was sent off against Stoke City the weekend.  This leaves Wenger with a striker dilemma and a possible combination of the not quite good enough Bentner alongside the vastly talented by inexperienced Carlos Vela – something the United backline will welcome.  Rio Ferdinand once stated that Adebayor was one of the toughest opponents he has ever faced will be a welcomed omission from the Arsenal forward line.

A friend of mine, who for his sins is a Gooner, is concerned with the state of affairs at the Emirates.  He made the good point that Gallas isn’t a top class center half, highlighted by the fact that Mourinho never played the French international in his desired position – because he simply couldn’t trust him.  He was livid with Arsenal throwing away a two goal lead against Tottenham – something he said you wouldn’t find United doing (although the Hull City game was quite close!).  He is dreading the visit of the European Champions but, dependent on the results in the week, Arsenal could well build up a siege mentality of ‘us against the world’ – which as we know can be a very effective mentality in the big games.

Lets go and have a nice cup of tea and watch countdown hey? 

Fergie will be drilling home after the Celtic game how important it will be to get a result on Saturday and maintain their focus throughout the ninety minutes rather than the first forty-five.  I believe United will line up (dependent on injuries) with Van Der Sar in goal, Neville and Evra at full back whilst Rio and Vidic will be at center half.  Ronaldo will occupy the right side of midfield with Fletcher and Anderson playing in the middle of the park (dependent on Carrick’s fitness he may replace Anderson) and I would personally opt for Park on the left to track the forward runs of Sagna and Clichy (if he swaps with Ronaldo).  Lastly, no change up top with Rooney and Berbatov building on their partnership.

Although a depleted Arsenal – Fergie will know they will continue to play the way in which Wenger can only play and for this reason it will be essential United get off to a quick start and put Arsenal on the back foot.  Fletcher will be given a job in stopping Fabregas from playing, whilst as mentioned before Park’s stamina will be essential in neutralising Arsenal’s overlapping full backs.  Fergie’s first eleven choice will be quite easy for him – ironically the same can be said for Arsene Wenger, however not with the players he would like to have.

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  1. It will be one way traffic. Arsenal is down on morale, experience and numbers. Wenger has lost the plot. ManU will win by 3 or 4 goals.

  2. MU must not include Gary N and John Oshea in the team.Gary is too old and lack of pace and quality. John Oshea is the worst player in the club and must sell off by the next January 2009. Whenever these two players play MU will either loose or draw and they bring bad luck.

  3. hai unied funs for sure victory is ours .and its better ferg.consrates on the cetric game than that than that of the fuckin arsenal participants as usual.you they are good at words than actions.thanks man united the team.

  4. I suppose it seems that Arsenal are there for the taking on Saturday but I fancy our chances.

    You are right about the “them against us mentality” I hope this is the case for Arsenal.

    Although I respect his opinion I disagree with your friend about Gallas. I actually believe he is our best centre back and that people are quick to jump on a band-wagon that seems to be forming around him.

    I’m not dreading Manchester United coming to the Emirates because I fancy our chances.

    I suppose it seems that Arsenal are there for the taking on Saturday!!!

    Anyway, I expect it to be a great game because United and Arsenal play the best football by far in the Premiership.

  5. carrik shuld b included in d team alongside anderson in the midle it wil give wayne and berbatorv an axtra flair going fword. Lik d fa cup mach last season were alsenal were trach 4-0 by united

  6. if United try to kick us.. .they may have a chance of a point… if they pack the midfield.. .they may have a chance of a point… if you United try to play football with us…

    game over….

  7. Arsenal’s players were ‘going crazy’ in the dressing room after their north London derby draw with Spurs, according to reports.

    “Everyone was going crazy in the dressing room after the game. There were a lot of raised voices and fingers being pointed,” a ’source’ told The Sun.

    “Everyone was blaming each other for Spurs’ two late goals and the manager was as angry as anyone has seen him for a long time.”

    The Daily Mirror says that Wenger specifically turned on Gallas, Mikael Silvestre and Emmanuel Adebayor. Silvestre could be punished for his lack of leadership, while a defensive midfielder like Alex Song or Kolo Toure is likely to come in to replace Denilson.

    The Sun names Gael Clichy as one player who could lose his place, but the Frenchman has probably suffered enough after reportedly being in tears in the dressing-room after his slip led to Tottenham’s third goal.

    and even funnier than that…

    Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas has added fuel to the fire ahead of the North London derby with Tottenham tonight by claiming Spurs are not good enough to beat the Gunners’ ladies side!

    The Spanish midfielder’s comments were quoted in Loaded magazine where he said that if the highly-successful Arsenal Ladies played Tottenham’s first team: ‘They would do really well. I’m sure they would get a point!’



  8. I hope Fergie makes a mistake of ommitting Anderson… Cesc will have a heck of a game if he is nt around n he will hurt Man Utd if Anderson doesnt play.. n regardin Park thats a good idea bt then agn i hope he puts nani or Giggs instead… we may seem for the takin bt then agn we were for the takin a couple seasons ago n we won 2-1!!! Man utd simply cant win or else Arsenal is out of the title race for sure

  9. Some great comments here guys – many thanks for engaging in a mature debate. Although i’ve been informed that Fabregas will be playing as he has only picked up four yellow cards rather than the five bean suggested – can any other Gooner back this up?

  10. I think United have now got the perfect opportunity to give Wenger a lesson. Arsenal has already lost three games against the smaller teams and they will be under a tremendous pressure to lift themselves up. With the instability and fingerpointing that is goin on in the Emirates camp, I believe United will deliver a solid display and win the game atleast with a 2 goals difference. Especially if Rooney, Ronaldo and Berbatov utilize the number of opportunities they get, it can be another United Vs Roma game (the 7-1 game)….That will give Wenger a serious thought on how he should build his squad with a mix of talented youth and mature/stable players. VIVA United

  11. i think fergie should start Rooney, berba, n tevez, coz though Anderson is good, his shooting is still far from threatening, and with the two(rooney, tevez) we have people who can track back when required n cover for each other besides, with ronaldo n berba, we need all the tracking back we can get

  12. I think the boys are getting into thier stride now, they need to stay focused so we dont lose the momentum that took us quite a while to build. With the kind of players we have at the club (fit ones) there is no stopping the “TREBLE” this time, and the arsenal game? “thats a done deal” All hail UNITED!!!

  13. Gentlemen – Although I admire your optimism, I highly doubt we will knock 3 or 4 past them like we did in the FA Cup. Arsenal are going through a tough time at the moment but they are a quality football team that will finish in the top four this season.

    I’m hoping we will win but it won’t be the walkover people are anticipating.

  14. United will benefit from a battling and experienced team. A mixture of tireless players such as Anderson or Rooney and players that have been there before (like Neville) should outperform an underachieving Arsenal.

    The only main player choice problem is whether to start Carrick or Fletcher along side Anderson.

  15. Arsenal are wounded right now and it will be foolish to write them off 5 days before the actual kickoff. There has been some concerns with United’s performance lately & it’s all down to the imbalance in the team due to the presence of Berba, Rooney & Tevez on the pitch together. Omit one of them & you’ll see a more balanced United side.
    The presence of Carrick will be vital for this match. He is the unsung hero of that central midfield.
    Doesn’t matter if the best Arsenal players are injured or suspended because only hard work wins the game & United will have to work hard nonetheless.

  16. This game will could make or break Arsenal’s season. As you say if United win then it will kill Arsenal off.

    I’m a Gooner and although my heart says we are still in it, my brain says that it’s over in the league for us.

    Our best eleven on our day can and will beat anybody but the truth is the squad’s of Manchester United and Chelsea are better than our’s. Thats where we struggle.

    I see a very tight game on Saturday, and despite our recent results I see an Arsenal win. Hope that doesn’t sound arrogent!!!

    However, United are more equipped than Arsenal to win the league and I see it being between you and Chelsea.

    Fabregas isn’t suspended for the game, thank god!!!

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