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Arsene Wenger must have some hold over the English press for the amount of paper coverage they receive. Manchester United who overcame a stubborn Lyon side might as well have not bothered to turn up to the press conference at all, as the ‘I love Wenger’ fan club was running riot in the streets of Milan. Sure Milan are a established club. Sure winning a last 16 tie and going through to the quarter finals is an achievement. But this is not a Milan side of past glories. Long gone are the days of Arrigo Sacchi achievements. Long gone are the days of Savicevic, Van Basten and Ruud Gullit. Lastly, long gone are the days of a Milan defense thats age totals 457 years old.

Ancelotti has been criticised for not planning ahead and rightfully so, look at where they are in Serie a! They’re in danger of not even getting a Champions League spot. But hold the back page, get out the medals, Arsenal are coming home. I’m surprised they haven’t set up a welcoming parade for their heroics in Milan.

There were two English teams playing yesterday in Europe and to be honest that Lyon side would have beaten that Milan side yesterday. Did Ronaldo’s 6 goals in the tournament get a mention? Nope. Did the fact that United remain unbeaten in 8 Champions league games this season get a mention? Nope. Just the media sucking up to Wenger. Fabregas now believes Arsenal can take on the world. It was this arrogance that failed to land them the treble in 2004, it was this arrogance that helped them throw away the Premiership in 2003 and it was this arrogance that will ultimately lead to another trophy less season. Although i’m sure that will be glossed over by the London media.

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  1. Again, I agree with this blog mate. Though I would have been a bit stronger..!!

    Personally I think it was a great result for Arsenal, and I won’t take anything away from it – however, as you mentioned, this is not a great Milan side, and let’s be honest, how good a result will it ultimately be?

    Most United fans I know regard the Juventus away game in 99 as better than the Roma 7-1, for example, because we ended up winning the trophy.

    I’ve noticed a lot of talk from Arsenal – Gallas in particular – about United being arrogant, too arrogant, yet everything from Arsenal stinks of the stuff.

    When we won the league in 2003 Wenger refused to admit the best team had won the league, who can forget him refusing to shake hands with Pardew?

    Anyway, back to the media stuff – it’s always been the way that Wenger has a love-in with the LM, and I don’t really mind, because it makes victory all the sweeter. It can get annoying when our achievements are glossed over, but really, all that matters is the team keep performing.

    It’s easy for Fabregas to spout his mouth off but he should remember what’s happened in their last 2 league games, lazy arrogant performances that could yet be the platform for a late capitulation in the league.

    And as you say, they could end up trophyless yet again, and I wonder how many people would regard Wenger as a genius then.

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