Dimitar Berbatov set to leave Manchester United

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Manchester United forward Dimitar Berbatov has revealed that although he love the club, he does not feel his future lies with the 19 times English Champions. Berbatov has fallen down the United pecking order following his 2008 transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to United. Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez all played in more games last season for the reds. United have additional attacking options also, with Shinji Kagawa a summer signing from Dortmund, also in contention for a starting berth. The Sun have revealed that United’s number 9 updated his Facebook status informing the world of his thoughts.

Berbatov's facebook post on his United future

The former Bulgarian international wrote:

“The truth is I love this club, but I am not going to be useful to anyone if I am not playing, And I want to play, I want to help. But for unknown reasons it’s not going to happen or my chances will be limited, so it’s better for everyone if we say goodbye. If not, I am professional and I will keep doing everything I can to help my team whenever I have the opportunity to do so.”

He also discussed his potential transfer fee with many believing it will between £5-£10 million:

“Because I am tired of speculation, I am telling you this. I read the papers and I see they say £10m is my price. I talk with Sir Alex and he says £5m. So who is telling the truth, what do you think?”

Stretford-end.com blogger Sleep Nik, wrote a superb post on the influence of Dimitar Berbatov at United – but I’m sure many will agree that although the Bulgarian is insanely talented, his time at Old Trafford looks to be at an end. Wayne Rooney’s play is far more suited to that of Hernandez or Welbeck, who are both a nightmare to pick up with the movement they offer. This also allows Rooney to find more space and pick passes or indeed, get a shot in on goal – a reflection of his impressive goal tally from 2011/12.

Dimitar Berbatov was linked heavily to big spenders PSG last season and with former club Bayern Leverkusen at the start of the summer.

Where do you think Berbatov will end up? Could he get one last chance at United or has his Facebook update sealed his fate?

5 Comments on Dimitar Berbatov set to leave Manchester United

  1. I love Berbatov’s style, his quality and his personality but his United career has just never quite gone to plan.

    If there are any Berbatov goal-related stats to bring up it’s the ones from the ‘big’ games:

    5 goals in 26 league appearances (18 starts 8 sub) against Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, City and Spurs – three of those five coming in one game against Liverpool.

    5 goals in 25 Champions League games (14 starts 11 sub) – including a period of over three years without a goal

    Question is, as a striker, did he offer more than just goals in most of those games? Probably not, for me – despite Nik’s fabulous article.

    Unfortunately for Berbatov, United need a striker who has different qualities, probably more ‘common’ qualities than those that Berbatov possess. Welbeck for example is a high-energy player who runs the channels – Berbatov, as good as he is, can’t offer this. It’s not part of his game.

    Good luck to him wherever he goes (and he should go) – he’s too good to be fourth choice and should be playing regular stuff, delighting adoring fans.

  2. TheWayneBoy is UTD’s main-man; once it became apparent that Dimmy didn’t dovetail with Rooney then his days were numbered. Square-peg-in-a-round-hole.

    When SAF found out during the last 18 months that BOTH Chicharito and DannyTheLad worked better with TheWayneBoy then it was all over, waiting for the fat lady to sing.

    I was enthusiastic about the transfer – the silky skills, and all that – but, in reality, beyond the statistics that “TheNameOnTheTrophy” has listed, Dimmy was only on-song for one half-seaason in the four years he was employed by MUFC.

    No matter how his supporters bleat on about BerbaGod being the scoring leader (from open-play) in 2010-2011, that’s just not good enough.

    The rumours suggest that he might get a discount-transfer to West Ham; good luck to him playing alongside Ravel Morrison, along with the other odds and sods that BigSam has assembled there.

  3. this it fergie at his worst – buying best foreign talent and ruining it, instead he choses completely overrated fat ass english player and chicharito who was awfull last season – amexican primera liga player as once somebody said:) hope he get back to his best though overwise we dead and buried with such a team. nice to see some typical in fergie we trust “analysys” here. never blame the fergie:)and by the way i didn’t saw that rooney “movement” for a couple last season now, the only thing he does now – is scores tap ins, anybody can do this as well as not to shoot anywhere or pass anywhere or don’t do his duties (like rooney constantly does). sorry to see berbatov leave

  4. I would have to say failure, but it is much more complicated than simply a personal one. The management failed to use him in a way that would get the most out of him. It is somewhat understandable given he really doesn’t fit United’s style, but that just raises questions about his purchase. Footballers (really people in general) rarely change, especially ones as old as Berbatov was when purchased. His ability to create chances out of nothing and draw defenders is amazing, but he almost has to be played as a second striker which takes away from what Rooney does. He isn’t built for United’s quick counter attacking style. I hope he goes somewhere where his talents are appreciated so I can see some of his genious more regularly. He may have the best touch in the world.

  5. I will be gutted to see Berbatov go because he does have the flair, creativity and vision we crave to see in Manchester United players.
    Alas in a similar way Juan Veron’s time at OT went surrounding circumstances, changes in personnel and team formation have stunted his impact.
    In his 1st season Utd had depth in Midfield, Hargreaves, Fletcher, Carrick, Scholes & Anderson to provide a platform and real link options with Rooney, Ronaldo & Tevez, and although the goals didn’t exactly flow he was one of our top assist providers.
    When deployed alongside Wayne or Chicha as in his 22 league goal season he didn’t look out of place at all not least compared to Rooney who probably bogged down with impending tabloid stories & revelations of wanting out of Old Trafford looked like a pub footballer.
    The big shortfall I really saw in his game was when deployed as a lone striker which aside from last season SAF has generally opted for a 451/433 in big games or Europe.
    This probably accounts for his poor big game stats.
    It seems ironic that last season we deployed 442 week in week out yet the manager refused to give the player a run of games, especially when at times our play seemed far too rigid with the wide men running in straight lines.
    The guy has shown dignity and a great attitude even playing in the centre of defense against Leeds in the league cup tie and lets not forget he chose us over city’s cash to come here.
    When he inevitably goes I for one will follow him on match of the day to watch those silky flicks, passes and unbelievable 1st touch.

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