Happy Birthday Sir Alex Ferguson!

Sir Alex Ferguson
On behalf of Stretford-End, I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Manchester United’s longest-serving manager. Sir Alex Ferguson will celebrate his 69th birthday today. His appetite for success certainly hasn’t diminished with age as he continues to chase glory both domestically and in Europe. Sir Alex once said in an interview, “my greatest challenge¬†was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch.” Leading United to record 19th league title at the age of 69 would do exactly that.

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  1. Dear keeping Manchester United

    In the new year I wish their beloved club, for all its employees good health, happiness, satisfaction and success in particular. Team in the second part of an excellent form of competition to obtain at least one major triumph – Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup. And Sir Alex Ferguson to his wish for today’s 69th birthday particularly hard a lot of health, so many years was on the bench for Manchester United!

  2. I wish you happy birthday, the secret of having new things is that you were born in approaching the new year. Hope we gonna take the premier league cup this season. I always believe in you and trust you. God bless you, Manchester united players and all Manchester United funs. United Foreeeveeer.

  3. As you celebrate today’s 69th birthday, you have to do that will strategizing how to reclaim our two points lost by have a good knock at Chelsea. This I know will turn you young just as in the year 1999 when you did it again.

    Happy birthday and new year too.

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