What If Manchester United Do Not Meet Their Transfer Window Targets?

Manchester United are still trying to sign new players and maybe offload some others, but none of those deals are not happening yet. So, what should United do in the case of getting the worst from these three situations?

How Should United React To Lukaku Conundrum?

This is a tricky one. Romelu Lukaku is not happy with the idea of staying put at Old Trafford and would rather like to move to Inter. If that deal falls through, United could be stuck with their supposedly number one striker being unhappy. However, if he was to finally move to Italy, then the Devils would not have enough time to react and sign a good enough striker.

So what to do then? Man United need to make a stern choice between the two. Since it is obvious they are eager to let Lukaku leave – at least for the right amount of money – then do everything to make that happen and decide on his replacement as soon as possible. Maybe United should decide and accept the two-year loan with an obligatory payment – they would still get the money they want, just in 2021 rather than 2019.

Also, make a decision on the next striker to arrive to Old Trafford and then work towards that, rather than wander around for too long.

What If Harry Maguire Stays At Leicester?

This is still a possibility. The latest reports from English media say Man United are still offering ‘just’ 75 million pounds, which is 10 million pounds short off the asking price from Leicester City. The fact that Maguire did not hand in the transfer request remains, with the player still not doing his best to force a move to Man United. But if that never materializes in the end, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could be in a similar situation to Jose Mourinho last summer, at least in terms of the quality of his central defence options.

If Maguire stays at Leicester, Man United must be wise in finding other options. Toby Alderweireld would be a great option, an older but more experienced and cheaper one. However, failing to sign Maguire would alert other clubs to bring up their asking prices for potential United targets.

What If De Gea Keeps Stalling?

David De Gea is still stalling his potential stay at Manchester United. The last time he extended his contract with the club was in September 2015 and his current deal ends in June 2020. He could realistically start the season in his last year of contract, which would give him even more ‘power’ over United in those negotiations. So what if he keeps stalling and waiting to see potential options at other clubs?

Then identifying a potential replacement would be a must, some world-class goalkeeper that would open to a move to Old Trafford. Sure, United should do their best to keep such a great goalkeeper, but then again, they should not be hostages to his wishes. Someone in the ranks of Jan Oblak should be the target in that case, as Man United would need to make a statement in the case of losing De Gea without earning a transfer fee.

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