Manchester Derby Awaits – Devils Prepare For A Big Task

The Manchester Derby is almost here. Today we talk about United’s next opponent and some special players of theirs.

Manchester City Are Still Themselves, Despite Champions League

Manchester City might be out of Champions League, but they are still Manchester City. Despite losing in such a dramatic fashion on Wednesday night, Pep Guardiola’s team did well against Tottenham in Premier League last weekend and winning an important clash 1-0 after scoring early. This time they did not get into individual mistakes and thus finished the match with that good result.

They are still a team that can score goals at will, with an incredible firepower and brilliant midfielders that will suffocate Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba and Fred if United’s performance is anything like the one against Everton.

Raheem Sterling’s Conversion Rate Is Unbelievable

We need to talk about Raheem Sterling. The England international is a genuine candidate for Player of the Year award and no wonder when he is scoring goals virtually whenever he wants. His statistics back this up to an incredible effect, as Sterling has 22 goals in Premier League and Champions League combined and he got to that number with just 91 shots! Just how incredible that is? Sterling scores 24.18 percent of his shots *across the whole season*. This is not November or something like that, we are now at the brink of May!

The season is almost over, City have four matches left and Sterling is still at scoring from almost every fourth shot he takes.

Bernardo Silva Another Maverick To Pay Attention To

Bernardo Silva is another brilliant player we need to talk about. Former Monaco midfielder is having the best season of his career and if there was no Sterling or Virgil Van Dijk, we could be talking about a genuine contender for the Player of the Year award. This way, he will fall short of it, but that does not take anything away from his performances.

He is a unique player with a unique set of skills. He can play as a right midfielder – slash – winger, he can be a central midfielder in 4-3-3 and he can even go further up the pitch. Bernardo is a special player because of his creativity on the ball, his technical prowess to progress the ball forward via both passing and dribbling, whilst still doing incredible amounts of work without the ball. He averages well over three attempted tackles per 90 and he covers the ground almost like a defensive midfielder.

City Are Now All United Strive For

And the last but not the least. While Man United are in a tough moment when a big overhaul is expected in the summer, Man City are now everything Devils want to be. That is not to have anything to do with who City’s owners are, but rather the fact that planning at City goes for years ahead, that they have a stable situation regarding their squad and their manager and when that is all the case, no wonder City are current champions and four wins away from another league title. Man United seem to be miles away in all of those aspects.

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