Spare a thought for Portsmouth

Please take a moment to spare a thought for Portsmouth fans. While we were upset at the thought of losing one of our star players, Portsmouth fans face the possibility of losing their entire club. The club released a statement today that they were on the brink of being closed down and liquidated. Portsmouth won the FA Cup in 2008, but financial circumstances have caused the club to decline rapidly, first being relegated from the Premier League last season and now to the point of potentially ceasing to exist.

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  1. I live in Australia, it should never have come to this, a disaster for the City,fans,current admin,players.We won the
    F.A Cup,doing well in League,got into Europe,played in
    last years FINAL.wHAT A FINANCIAL DISGRACE, thank u Man U
    4 CARING.It just shows the fine line between yourselves,CITY,
    LIVERPOOL/CHELSEA,SPURS, and whats happened to us, 1 MAN
    WITH MONEY. YOU would never run your own business like that.
    Very unhappy/sad. Melbourne

  2. I really hope this doesn’t happen. My support of United doesn’t come into it, there’s not a club in the world I’d enjoy seeing go under.

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