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There were quite a few stories from yesterday that I felt deserved attention, so forgive me for bringing up “old news” in today’s Stretty Stories. The Glazers are again being criticized as the club prepares to publish its accounts today, while we revisit yesterday’s news of Edwin van der Sar’s potential retirement and Federico Macheda’s comments about Wayne Rooney.

Glazers’ debt drains Manchester United of £100m record profits – The Guardian

I don’t want to get too involved with this story because I’m certainly not a finance expert. If you’re looking for in-depth analysis Manchester United’s current finances, I would suggest either visiting the andersred blog or checking Stretty Rant later for a more detailed analysis from one of our other writers. One thing I can tell you is that you don’t need to be a finance expert to realize this seems like very bad news. When United’s yearly accounts at published at 11:00 a.m. BST there will be a better understanding of the current financial predicament that the club is facing. Until then, it seems this is simply more of the same bad news that always surrounds the Glazers.

Edwin van der Sar to retire at end of season, says United coach – The Guardian

The news of Edwin van der Sar’s potential retirement at the conclusion of this season surfaced yesterday, but it’s a topic that must be discussed.  In the wake of Peter Schmeichel’s retirement in 1999, it took the club six years to find a suitable replacement. That man was van der Sar. With the possibility of his retirement at the end of the season looming, it is important that United learn from past mistakes. There is little room for error this time as our rivals are now much stronger than they were at the beginning of the millennium. Clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City have closed the gap, and if we are to continue challenging for titles we must have a capable goalkeeper. Nothing is definite regarding van der Sar’s retirement, there are few more reliable sources than the club’s goalkeeping coach. He may not be on the level of Giggs or Scholes as far as club legends go, but the Dutch shot stopper has worked his was into our hearts since joining in 2005. I will never forget his penalty save in 2008 that won United the Champions League; he has earned his place in our history. There is little doubt in my mind that I will be heartbroken when van der Sar officially announces his intention to hang up his gloves.

Wayne Rooney branded a chav by his own team mate – The Daily Mail

Leave it to the press to provide us with sensationalism. Again, this is a story from yesterday’s news, but still one that deserves to be addressed. Federico Macheda spoke highly of Wayne Rooney and labelled him a “coatto” in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. The press managed to translate this as Rooney being working class and vulgar. Am I the only one who doesn’t see this as an insult? Kiko is comparing Rooney’s background to his own. So if Kiko is insulting Rooney, he would be insulting himself as well. It seems like Kiko simply believes that his and Rooney’s similar backgrounds have helped them to bond. Macheda spoke highly of Rooney for offering him advice and helping him in training the rest of the interview, so I don’t see why he would randomly throw in an insult as the media suggests. Honestly, I think it was intended to be a positive statement that unfortunately was taken out of context. I don’t know if it was simply a faulty translation or if the press was looking to make a story out of nothing, but this doesn’t seem like any sort of issue to me. If anything, it’s nice to see that Rooney is looking out for our young strikers and helping them to develop.

*Kiko has since clarified his comments

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2 Comments on 08 October 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. Re: Macheda, I don’t know enough Italian to comment and the people I’ve seen writing about it thus far all have an agenda and so are also relatively untrustworthy. Ultimately I don’t care if they get on personally as long as they get on professionally.

    As for Edwin, he’s still playing well from what I see so I can see him continuing after this season unless the decision is purely personal or he feels he’s losing his edge in ways that we can’t yet see.

    There’re good goalkeepers around, it just depends whether we’ve got the cash to prise them away from their current clubs.

  2. Here is my view on our financial results in contrast to another club in debt.

    Full Analysis >> http://www.investmentmoats.com/stock-market-commentary/value-investing/an-analysis-of-manchester-united-and-arsenal-full-year-20092010-financial-results/


    To conclude this section, FCF for Man Utd is a meagre 11 mil without the massive cashflow that Cristiano Ronaldo brought in. Arsenal has a healthy 152 mil.
    FCF can be used:
    Repay existing debts
    Add to cash holdings for future investments (players or otherwise)
    Pay out to shareholders
    Right now Arsenal can probably pay down its debts. They paid down 135 mil in debts this financial year. Man Utd cannot do that.
    Based on current FCF,
    Arsenal will take 283/152 = 1.86 years to pay off all their debts.
    Man Utd will take 551 / 11 = 50 years to pay off all their debts.
    Arsenal probably adds little back to their cash holdings, but at least they are doing one thing. Man Utd isn’t even doing any of the 3 items since they don’t have it in the first place.

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