No deal for Heinze

So after an embarrassing display in the public eye, Gabriel Heinze’s appeal has been rejected and it has been ruled that he will not be joining Liverpool. What did he expect? When does a piece of paper stating that he can leave for the right price become a legally binding document. It is an absolute disgrace the way Heinze has conducted himself over the past two months.

You will get people stating that ‘A player should be able to leave if he wants to leave’ or ‘If he’s not first choice then he is entitled to be unhappy’. Lets start with the first quote. As stated previously when does a letter confirming that a club is willing to sell a player for a specified asking price become more important than a contract? Yes if Juventus, Lyon, Madrid or any other non domestic side had come in for him i’m sure Fergie would have let him go. But to a domestic rival, a domestic rival who can be considered our most loathed and hated rival?? Heinze, Benitez and Liverpool in general are having a laugh if they think that. Why would Fergie sell a great left back to our rivals for, lets be honest, a cut price of £6.8 Million? He shouldn’t and he won’t. I have nothing but praise for Fergie for the way in which he conducted himself in this fiasco. Which leads me on to my second point about why he isn’t playing.

Gabriel Heinze signed for us in 2004 and was named fans player of the year in 2005. You can (well used to) hear on a regular basis around Old Trafford the cries of ‘Argentina, Argentina’ which although could be construed as a two finger salute to the FA it was mainly for the gutsy and impressive performances of Heinze. As time went on Heinze became more and more subject to injury – injured at the end of his first season and injured at the start of his second season. Fair enough, some players (Saha for instance) do get unlucky with injuries. Fergie brought in Evra in January 2006, when Heinze was still injured, in my opinion as cover and to be used in squad rotation behind Heinze.  Heinze then proceeded to declare himself fit for the World Cup 2006 finals and play a major part in Argentina’s tournament in which they where eliminated on penalties to the host nation Germany.  Heinze was then injured for the start of the 2006/07 season. Fergie had ever right to start Evra ahead of Heinze, which he did, and was rewarded with some great performances from the Frenchman.  Heinze obviously didn’t like being second choice to (in my eyes still) an inferior player and has thrown his toys out of the pram. He has shown no loyalty, before or after being second choice, as he continued to rate his country higher than his club who looked after him whilst injured.

Heinze was a fans favourite, but he is no more. Of course we aren’t that naive to think that a player loves his club simply because we want him to. Footballer players have a career and aren’t tied down to any club. They are free to move from club to club if they wish. However, the praise and treatment Heinze received from fans week in week out are only reserved for fans favourites, and he really has stuck two fingers up.

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