Huddersfield Town 0-2 Manchester United: Four Things We Learned

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Manchester United won their fifth round FA Cup match against Huddersfield Town and qualified for the quarterfinals, after Romelu Lukaku scored a goal in each half to secure a comfortable victory. Jose Mourinho’s team played in a rotated starting XI, but still had enough about them to brush aside David Wagner’s side.

This was an important victory for United after that loss to Newcastle last weekend and before the Champions League clash against Sevilla. Manchester United will play Brighton at home in FA Cup quarterfinals.

Victor Lindelof Is Back And Looking Good

This was Victor Lindelof’s first match for Man United since that win against Yeovil Town in previous round of the FA Cup. He played 90 minutes this time as well and the Swede looked composed throughout. There was no nervousness about his game, which is something Manchester United fans have been pointing out recently about the partnership of John Stones and Chris Smalling. It was Smalling this time that partnered with former Benfica centre-back, but Lindelof showed a good performance.

He made three clearances, recovered possession on two occasions and won three out of four duels he faced. It is unknown whether Mourinho will start him against Sevilla next week, but it is not impossible to see him partner with Eric Bailly. The Ivorian got back from a three-months long injury recovery and entered the pitch late on instead of Romelu Lukaku.

Romelu Lukaku Needed Those Goals

And it was the Belgian that made this win possible with his two goals. Lukaku will need to get back into the best goalscoring form now that United are coming back to the Champions League action. Yet, what will really be necessary is for him to start scoring against tougher opposition. None of his goals this season came against the Big 6, while his goals in 2018 have been scored against Huddersfield (two matches), Yeovil, Stoke and Derby County.

VAR Needs Improving

When something new and this big as VAR is enters the sport and right from the off you can see many negatives about it, it is not a good sign. Video Assistant Referee was in use at this match, as Juan Mata’s goal was ruled out for offside, even though the video clearly showed there was no offside at all.

What VAR brings so far is confusion and absurdity and the FA need to sort this out and find a better way of implementing it. So far it brought more negatives as referees were often incorrect even after checking the video. What football needs is more well educated referees.

McTominay Doing Well Once Again

Scott McTominay got his chance in the FA Cup once again and this time too he was pretty good for Manchester United. The youngster continues playing well and using his minutes on the pitch wisely. Mourinho will definitely be satisfied with how the Scotsman is improving this season and who knows how big of a role he could have next season in this squad.

McTominay had 59 touches and completed 89 percent of his passes. He created one chance and looked self-assured throughout. It seems like the youngster really has something to offer to this team.

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