Rashford Signs New Man United Contract, James Gets His Number

Rashford Renewed Contract

As far as the starts of new seasons go, this one was not as eventful in the transfer rumours as some other days were last week. But the start of July was eventful in terms of contract renewals. What was mentioned on Saturday as a possibility, it was confirmed on Monday, as Marcus Rashford signed a new contract with Manchester United.

The 21-year-old youngster signed a new four-year deal with an option of an extention for another year. This means the contract will keep him at the club until June 2023, at least.

“Manchester United has been everything in my life since I arrived here at the age of seven. This club has shaped me, both as a player and as a person, so it is such a privilege every time I get the opportunity to wear the shirt”, Rashford said. “It is a huge sense of pride and a huge feeling for me to sign the contract. Manchester United are one big family. Some clubs don’t have that, it’s just a football club. That’s why Manchester United are more than a football club to me.”

The player was rumoured to be getting around quarter of a million pounds per week with the new contract, but the latest report from The Telegraph is telling a slightly different story. His base salary will be a smaller one, but, according to them, if Rashford fulfils all the bonuses, he will be earning even 300 thousand pounds per week. Whatever might be the case, the player said he really wants to get Man United back to where it belongs.

“Me being a fan changes the emotional side of it. Say we lose a game, it affects me more than it should because I’m a fan. It hurts every day to see where we are now, to where we’ve been in the past. I use that pain as motivation. It makes me more determined to put the club back where they belong”, Rashford said.

James Will Wear Number 21

Daniel James will be wearing number 21 next season at Manchester United. Former Swansea winger will be expected to make an impact at Man United in only his second season at the professional level, but fans already concluded that James being 21-years-old and wearing number 21 on his back must mean the Devils will win their 21st league title this coming season.

All jokes aside, Ryan Giggs, Man United legend and Wales national team coach, had only nice words for the winger.

He’s a fabulous talent and is only going to get better and better. I was given a chance at 17 by Sir Alex and I’ve never been afraid to put young players like Daniel in my team, because they will give it their all and they’ll never stop surprising you. He’s a good, level-headed lad from a good background and wants to focus on his football and work hard to succeed. He’s also at a club that looks after players. They’re not going through the best of times, but I think it’s the best club for him now”, Giggs told Dai Sport.

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