2018-19 Season Ending Player Review: Phil Jones

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It’s time to analyze what happened during the 2018-19 season for Manchester United. And for that, we will go checking each players individually to rate their performances, give a brief summary of what happened over the course of the campaign, and assess the role of the player in the upcoming campaign — if he stays with the club:

Let’s continue with Phil Jones. The former Blackburn Rovers has been with Manchester United for quite a while, but his performances have been trending in the wrong direction for a while now. The 2018-19 season was not the exception, and there are many supporters who want the versatile defender to leave the squad as soon as the chance arises this summer.

Appearances across all competitions

The former England international played almost half of the Premier League season, as he registered 18 appearances where he didn’t score or assist a single time. He was booked just once during the entire campaign as well. During Cup competitions Jones didn’t play much either. He registered three Champions League presences, two FA Cup ones, and one in the Carabao Cup.

All things considered, Jones made 24 appearances for the club this season and this reflected his role within the current squad. He’s a player that can be relied upon, but he shouldn’t be considered as anything more than a backup alternative. Manchester United have far more reliable alternatives on the current squad.

Did he perform above or below the expectations?

It’s hard to analyse the expectations regarding Jones. It’s not a secret that he can play better than what he’s done already, but on the other hand, maybe he reached his peak early and won’t keep progressing. That’s normal, and there are several players who live that kind of situation. But considering his status and overall play this year, he was below the expectations. Fans and pundits alike expect far more out of him. Does he have enough time to change the negative perception surrounding him?

Will he be a part of Manchester United during the 2019-20 season?

It’s not clear whether Jones will remain at the club this next season. The versatile defender adds depth on the defensive end, but he hasn’t been able to play at the expectations required. Therefore, his role for the upcoming will depend on how much can United strengthen the side. If they add several players on the defensive end, then expect Jones to be available on the transfer market. If not, then he will remain as one of the club’s backups for one more year.

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