Manchester United Would Make A Huge Mistake Going After Jordi Alba

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Manchester United have been constantly linked with several top players in the world during the past few months. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given United’s status as a top club in the world… even if recent results say otherwise.

This time, the latest top player to get linked with a potential Old Trafford move is none other than Jordi Alba. FC Barcelona’s starting left-back and a full international with Spain, the rumour of United being interested in Alba seems to be real. However, Manchester United must be smart here. It would be a HUGE mistake to try to sign Alba.

Make no mistake here: Alba is an excellent player and he would undoubtedly be an instant upgrade for Manchester United on the left-back role. However, do Manchester United really need him? Despite his quality and the fact that he is arguably one of the Top 5 left-backs in the world, there are several reasons why The Red Devils should stay away from pursuing him.

Alba would be so expensive that he wouldn’t be worth it

First of all, the potential transfer fee could be a substantial one. Alba’s place as a top defender in Europe is well established, and he could very well break the transfer record for a defender. After all, his versatility and attacking-minded style allow him to impact the game on both ends of the pitch. Don’t be surprised if he breaks the massive transfer fee Liverpool paid for Virgil van Dijk. However, it is quite hard to even imagine Barcelona selling him.

The Red Devils don’t really need him

Money might not be an issue since Manchester United have enough money to buy almost any player in the world. However, do they really need someone like Alba? Luke Shaw is having a bounce-back season, and already looks like one of the best left-backs in the Premier League. Ashley Young did a good job on that role last season. And even if that’s not enough, the team also has Matteo Darmian and Diogo Dalot to feature on that role. Alba might be good, but why would one team carry FIVE left-backs in the squad? That’s just too much.

Sure, the sole idea of a society between Alexis Sanchez, Anthony Martial or Marcus Rashford with Alba sounds promising. But the team do not need him. Especially considering the squad need to improve other positions first, such as right winger, centre-back or central midfielder.

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  1. Look , the only change in the backline has been Luke Shaw , surely you can see that he has given quite a few goals away and this has certainly made the whole backline a bit “wobbly”.If I were the opposition I would play down on Luke Shaw the “whole day”.

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