How Is Luke Shaw Teaching Us All A Lesson?

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Manchester United players are currently on international duty. Fourteen players are with their national teams, getting ready for friendly matches and UEFA Nations League. However, one Man United player deserves special praise for his recent performances. Luke Shaw was confirmed as Manchester United’s player of the month for August and that was undoubtedly deserved.

But his performances are not just about performances. Yes, Luke has been very good for United at the start of the season, but we cannot denominate them just on those four matches – we have to look at the bigger picture. What he has gone through ever since joining United from Southampton is nothing short of a story that could be part of a movie.

Luke Shaw Had A Tough Spell, But Is Returning To His Best

His first season at Old Trafford, the 2014-15 season was plagued by three or four injuries that were all taking four or five weeks. But then at the start of the new season, in September 2015, Shaw had a fractured tibia and was ruled out for the entirety of the season, missing even the start of 2016-17. Now, he has opened up about everything that was happening.

“No one knows. I was really close to losing my leg. I didn’t know that until six months later, when the doctor told me. At the time, they were thinking about flying me back. If I’d flown back, I would probably have lost my leg, because of the blood clots”, Shaw said on Tuesday, leaving everyone in shock.

And that had got people thinking. He was ruled out almost as one of those players that are not coming back, not returning to their previous best.

“People were saying that I was a fizzy drinker and a snack eater, which wasn’t true. I’ve changed massively, not just on the pitch but off the pitch. I’ve matured, grown up. You could say I’ve gone from maybe a kid to a man now.

“I’m feeling in good shape and my confidence is back. It’s the start of a new me this season. I’ve cut out the silly things in my life. I want to stay at United and prove my worth to the team, and do the same for England”, said the left-back.

Shaw Is Far From Finished And Has Always Been

Sure, he had his problems with Mourinho. As he said himself, the boss was thinking he could do better and that was frustrating for the manager. But in broader terms, Shaw has proved everyone wrong – everyone these days are so quick to make ultimate, unchangeable decisions. “Shaw has been out for some time now, the boss does not like him – he is done!”

But in reality, Shaw was still a very young man when joined United. Just because he had a couple of rough seasons, mostly because of his long-term injuries, does not mean he should be disposal so easily. We might live in such era, where players are moving clubs all the time, but working with players is always going to be more rewarding.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes think about stopping playing football. But I had a lot of good people around me, friends and family who helped me through it. I want to play for Manchester United. Obviously, I want to stay there and fight for my place and prove my worth to the team. Obviously I want to try and do the same here now and give Gareth a headache over selection”, the player concluded.

When a player comes through a tough period, he will be hungrier to succeed. United are probably about to see that with Luke Shaw. The player plenty have thought of as “finished”.

He is far from that and will only continue to improve. At Manchester United and for Manchester United.

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  1. Good example to those who feel they’re too big for criticism .
    No matter how popular, rich, talented you are, your father, teacher, and manager is always ahead of you in terms of experience.
    Please be humbled and learn because learning has no end.

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